Entry To The 2016 Motorcycle Cannonball At Lime Rock Historic Festival

I went to the 2016 Lime Rock Historic Festival yesterday.  This is primarily an automotive event, but there were a few motorcycles there.  On June 27, 2016 I posted a story about the upcoming Motorcycle Cannonball.  At Lime Rock one the competitors took some time out from his preparation schedule to display the Harley-Davidson motorcycle that he will be riding in the Motorcycle Cannonball.  His motorcycle is shown below.


This Harley-Davidson Will Be Competing In The Motorcycle Cannonball

The cross-country Motorcycle Cannonball starts next weekend with all of the motorcycles being 100 years old.

Cannonball Run

This motorcycle was purchased specifically for the Motorcycle Cannonball.  The owner competed in the 2014 Motorcycle Cannonball on a 1936 BMW motorcycle, which was permissible under the rules for the 2014 event.  This year all of the entrants must be on motorcycles built before 1917.


I was talking to the owner about the motorcycle.  The small round tank will be permanently mounted on the back rack and will be used as an auxiliary fuel tank.  One way to reduce the daily travel time is to reduce the number of fuel stops.

The owner will be his own service crew with his wife following in a chase vehicle.  The owner says crossing the country on a motorcycle, doing 260 to 300 miles per day at 45 miles per hour, is a great way to see the country, but it makes for a long tiring day.  Daily self-servicing of the motorcycle makes the day even longer.


The Motorcycle Has Been Fitted With A Roller Navigation Notes Unit

The owner has fitted the motorcycle with a unit within which to fit the navigation notes for each day’s run.  This is similar to the units used by the Dakar motorcycle competitors.

The Motorcycle Cannonball promises to be quite an event.  Best wishes to all of the competitors!

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