Good Book About Studebaker Cars

Once again I have been adding to my library of books about cars and rallies.  This time I acquired a book about the now-defunct automobile manufacturer, Studebaker.   This is a relatively recent book, by my standards, that was written in 2008 by Connecticut resident, Patrick Foster.  The book is easy to read and had lots of both color and black & white photographs.

Studebaker Book Cover

This Book Is A Good Studebaker Reference

Studebaker always seemed to have good cars, but they just seemed to have trouble making any money.  The book covers both issues quite well.  It gives a good technical history of the Studebaker cars plus it describes, in sufficient detail, the terrible management decisions made in the 1950s that led to the company’s downfall.

Studebaker Golden Hawk 1957

The 1957 Studebaker Golden Hawk Was A Great Car

I found the book to be a very informative.  I had been looking for more information on Studebakers for some time so I was pleased to get this book at a good price.

Studebaker does not seem to have an extensive competition history.  I know that they had success in the early Shell 4000 rallies and I believe that a Studebaker competed in the Monte Carlo Rally in the 1930s.  Recently, Studebaker bodied cars have dominated the La Carrera Panamericana in Mexico.  I plan on looking into the Studebaker competitive history in more detail in the upcoming months.

Studebaker quit making cars in the mid-1960s, however they left behind some interesting, but somewhat underappreciated cars.

If you have some Studebaker stories or questions or comments on this post, then leave a comment below or you can contact me via private email message at the following address: shanna12 at comcast dot net

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8 Responses to Good Book About Studebaker Cars

  1. Greetings, my name is Anthony Cooper, the International Liaison for “La Carrera Panamericana” . The Studebakers that compete now in the LCP have 610 hp engines and the reason they are used so much is because of the wide base and aerodynamic shape and relative ease to find them in good condition in order to be converted into racing machines.

    • Hi Anthony,
      Those Studebaker bodied cars are very fast at the La Carrerra Panamericana. I had the pleasure to compete in the La Carrera Panamericana in 2007. I was the co-piloto in a 1965 Corvette coupe. We had a bad accident which put us out of the race.
      Steve McKelvie

      • Any thoughts on coming back to the race? Next year (2017) will be the 30th Anniversary of LCP. We would love to have you back.

      • Hi Anthony,
        My 2017 rally schedule is just about filled navigating in other rallies. At this time I don’t have the time to attend an event as long as the La Carrera Panamericana in 2017.
        Steve McKelvie

  2. Doug Schwartzsmith says:

    My dad was the main interior designer for the Hawk, Super Hawk, Golden Hawk, Comet, and a bunch of other cars. He worked with Gordon Buehrig and Raymond Loewy was the main boss there. My dad was Edward Herrmann. Maybe he is mentioned in that book? He became a fine artist, a watercolorist, and we had an art gallery in Colorado. The Studebaker clubs would always contact him and they’d have him on the news driving around an old gem. He was couldn’t have cared less though! He just felt bored with all that old stuff. Typical eccentric artist! I love these old cars. Why don’t new cars have panache? They are getting better though. Aloha!

    • Hi Doug,
      I did not see his name in the index. I then looked through the book that covered that era and I did not see his name. Perhaps a book that covers the designs in more detail would include the involvement of your Dad.
      Steve McKelvie

      • Doug Schwartzsmith says:

        Cool. My mom has a bunch of stuff anyhow. Maybe if you should stumble on something more about him, send me an email? She might like more for the memory books. Regardless, its good corresponding with you. I have my eye on the new Triumph Bonneville T120 Black. The bike is completely new, no old parts(!), from all previous years. That in itself is astounding to me. Anyway, its styled after the first Bonnie from 1959 more or less. They have twin “carburetors” that are actually dual electronic fuel injectors. I love when function can follow a really good retro form. Aloha Steve.

      • Hi Doug,
        I will keep my eye out for your father’s name. Regarding the Bonneville -get it. I have one of the new Triumphs, a 2007 Triumph Bonneville, and I enjoy it immensely.

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