Dan Allven & I Will Be Taking Part In The 2017 Rallye Monte Carlo Historique

Last year I was a last-minute substitution for Dan Allven’s navigator in the 2016 Rallye Monte Carlo Historique, when Dan’s original navigator was unable to take part due to a skiing accident.  I had about two day’s notice before I left for the start of the rally.  For 2017, I am pleased that Dan Allven has asked me to return as his navigator for the Rallye Monte Carlo Historique.  This is a wonderful rally for classic cars through southern France and Monaco.  And I have six months notice this time!

RMCH License Poster

For 2017 the Rallye Monte Carlo Historique will be held starting on Wednesday January 25 and finishing with the awards dinner on Wednesday February 1.  The 2017 Rallye Monte-Carlo Historique will be open to cars that took part in the Monte Carlo Rally from 1955 until 1980.

This year the organizers have added to the number of starting cities as compared to last year.  In 2017 there will be seven starting cities.  The overall rally will start on Wednesday, January 25 as follows:

  • Stockholm (2,735km / 9:10am on Wednesday, January 25)
  • Glasgow (2,092km / 6:09pm on Wednesday, January 25)
  • Lisbon (2,212km / 7:10pm on Wednesday, January 25)
  • Copenhagen (2,074km / 12:20pm on Thursday, January 26)
  • Bad Homburg (1,242km / 3:40pm on Friday, January 27)
  • Barcelona (1,050km / 5:50pm on Friday January 27)
  • Reims (1,004km / 8:30pm on Friday, January 27)

Dan Allven and I are still discussing what is our preferred starting city, but the two cities under serious consideration are Bad Homburg, Germany (where we started in 2016) and Reims, France.

All of the Concentration Runs from all of the starting cities will convene in Digne les Bains, France starting at 10:00am on Saturday, January 28, before moving on to Saint André les Alpes.  The prime competitive portion of the Rallye Monte Carlo Historique will begin with the first Regularity Section between Entrevaux, Val de Chalvagne and Entrevaux (15.78km) at 12:10pm.  After this Regularity Run which takes in the Col de Félines (altitude: 930 metres), the competitors will head to the end-of-day stop in Monaco.  The competitive portion of the rally gets into full swing at 06:00am on Sunday, January 29, with the beginning of the Classification Run.

While the 2017 Rallye Monte Carlo Historique is six months away, Dan and I have been “working” on this rally since the day we finished the 2016 Rallye Monte Carlo Historique.  While last year’s event was fresh in our minds, we discussed a number of things that we could do better.  Everything was on the table; driver, navigator, car, timing methods, route following and weather conditions.   We saw how improvements could be made to all of those topics, but figuring out how to improve the weather is still a work in progress.  Last year the roads were bare, but that seems like an anomaly for this rally.  Some snow conditions are expected this year.

Volvo PV544 1961 (1)

Dan’s New 1961 Volvo PV544

This year Dan will be driving a very  recently acquired 1961 Volvo PV544 shown above.  This car is a lot less exotic than the Fiat 2300 S Abarth coupe that we used last year; however the Volvo PV544 cars have a long rally history.  This particular car was built in late 1961, just after Volvo began to put the B18 engine into the PV544 cars.  This car will be very suitable for the Rallye Monte Carlo Historique.

Volvo PV544 1961 (6)

This Car Will Have Room For Luggage, Tools, And Minor Parts

This particular PV544 has not been used for rallying, but it will be fitted out with the needed rally and navigation equipment that we will be using.  The car is currently in Sweden, where setting these cars up for rallying is second nature to many mechanics.

Volvo PV544 1961 (3)

We Will Add The Needed Rally Equipment

I have been thinking on how I can be better prepared for this rally and have already taken some steps to improve my work on the navigation and timing issues that are specific for this rally.  Dan and I worked hard to get his very nice Fiat 2300 S Abarth coupe to the finish of the Rallye Monte Carlo Historique last year, but this year we have set our goal of not only finishing the rally, but moving up in the standings.


I Look Forward To Again Competing In The Rallye Monte Carlo Historique With Dan Allven

I will be posting more about this rally as my preparations move along.  I am certainly pleased that Dan Allven has asked me back to be his navigator for this challenging rally.

If you have any comments or questions about this post or the rally, then please leave a comment below or you can send me a private email at the following address: shanna12 at comcast dot net

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  1. Kurt Kiefer says:

    You are living all your dreams from all those magazines you have read over all the years. You will be in the record books. Kurt

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