2016 1000 Millas Sport Rally

I recently posted a story about an Argentinean car the IKA Torino, in keeping with that South American theme, I noticed that entries are now open for the 28th edition of the 1000 Millas Sport rally in Argentina.  This is a rally modeled very closely after the current format of the famous Mille Miglia rally in Italy.  There is considerable crossover between these two events, with Argentine teams frequently finishing near the top of the standings in the Mille Miglia. 

Poster 2016

As with past years, the 1000 Millas Sport rally will be held on the roads of the Argentinean Patagonia from November 9th to the 13th.  The headquarters for the 1000 Millas Sport will be the Llao Llao Hotel & Resort in Bariloche, in the Province of Rio Negro.

1000 Millas Sport Area Map

Map Of The 1000 Millas Sport Location

While this event is very similar to the Mille Miglia, there is one big difference – the probability of being accepted into the 1000 Millas Sport rally is a lot more certain.  However the number of participating vehicles is limited to 150 cars.

Scene From 2015 (2)

The 1000 Millas Sport Rally Is Based At Llao Llao Resort

The list of cars that are homologated for the 1000 Millas Sport wide ranging, including most sports cars, and is provided on the event website.  All cars must have and produce a FIVA ID card (cars over 30 years old). This will determine the coefficient for the year.  The list on the website is identified as an “indicative” list and does not imply acceptance.   For cars with a FIVA ID card for categories C, D, E or X the acceptance into the 1000 Millas Sport rally is subject to a maximum number of four cars, with Argentine organizing club members having priority.  The list of homologated cars for this event is updated from time to time, so if your car or model is not included in the current list, then you should consult the organizers to make your case for acceptance.  I found that by looking at the event photos on the website you can see that a wide variety of cars are accepted.

Scene From 2015 (1)

The Variety Of Cars And The Scenery Are Spectacular

The 1000 Millas Sport Rally has a “clover leaf” layout.  Each night the cars return to the Llao Llao Resort.  This reduces the complexity of competing in this rally as compared to an event where one’s luggage must be carried with you or brought to the next venue.  And there is no daily unpacking and packing.

The routes for each of the three days of the rally are shown below:


Day One Route


Day Two Route


Day Three Route

The navigation and timing are virtually identical to the Mille Miglia, so competitors can get a taste of the Mille Miglia with a South American flair.  It is also great practice for competitors who one day hope to participate in the Miile Miglia.

For more details on the 1000 Millas Sport, check out their website via the following link:


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