Expansion On A Lancia-Ferrari D50 Comment By John Reed

John Reed recently commented on my post about the Lancia-Ferrari D50.  In his comment he referred to an attached photo, but the website software does not allow for photos to be attached.  As a result, I have posted some photos to support the comments made by John.

The photo below from Godfrey Eaton’s book “The Complete Ferrari” shows Alberto Ascari sitting in a Lancia D50, when Lancia was still running its own Formula 1 team.  Note the alignment of the V8 engine with respect to the centerline of the Lancia D50.  This shows the point made by John about the engine alignment.  And John is correct that this engine alignment was done to allow the driveshaft to fit beside the driver rather than under the driver.  With this driveshaft alignment Lancia was able to set the driver lower in the car thus lowering the center of gravity and making the car more streamlined with a lower profile.

Lancia D50 Ascari

Note The Engine Alignment In A Lancia D50

As a point of reference, I have included a picture below from Winston Goodfellow’s book “Ferrari: Road and Racing” showing the Ferrari 555 Formula 1 car that Ferrari dropped in favor of using and developing the Lancia D50 as its Formula 1 team car.

Ferrari 555 F1

Ferrari 555 Formula 1 Car Replaced By The Lancia-Ferrari D50

The other point that John Reed made in his comment was that the same owner also had a 1935 Alfa Romeo Tipo C 8C Grand Prix car at the vintage Thompson Speedway event.  I have included a photo of this car that I took last year.  As can be seen, this is also a spectacular car as noted by John.

Alfa Romeo Tipo C - 8C 1935 (1)

1935 Alfa Romeo Tipo C 8C

I would agree with the points raised by John Reed in his comment.  If you have any questions or comments about this post, then leave a comment below or send me a private email at the following address: shanna12 at comcast dot com

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