The Blue Train Challenge – A New Event For 2017

On January 27, 2015 I posted a story titled “Bentley And The Blue Train”.  In that post I told of the challenge that developed in Cannes, France in the 1930.  The issue was a challenge to see in one of the Bentley boys could beat the famous Blue Train from Cannes to Calais using his car.  This became a story that got past around and around until it reached legendary status in automotive circles.  Now the Endurance Rally Association has come up with their own version of the Blue Train Challenge which will be held in France in September 2017.

Blue Train Poster

This new rally will begin in Deauville, France and will end in Cannes on the Cote d’Azur. This rally will be limited to pre-1948 vintage cars to recall the glory days of Blue Train travel to the south of France.  From a competition perspective, the organizers say that there will be Regularity and Time Control Sections identified using tulip instructions and marked maps.  There will also be Special Tests for those who like to push their car a little.

That challenge between the Blue Train and the Bentley was also made famous by the following dramatic painting by Terence Cuneo.

Blue Train Michael Cuneo

Painting Depicting The Bentley Versus The Blue Train

For a more complete story about the Bentley and Blue Train, look through the archives on this site for my post of January 27, 2015.

The map of France below shows the beginning and end locations for the 2017 Blue Train Challenge.

Blue Train Challenge Area Rev 1

Start And End Locations For The Blue Train Challenge

This appears that it will be interesting rally that in some ways will allow the competitors to step back to the 1930s.  To the days depicted in Terence Cuneo’s painting.  For more information about this vintage car rally you can check out the website of the Endurance Rally Association by clicking on this link:

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