Rare Matched Pair Of Dashboard Clocks Offered For Sale

A rallyist and Heuer timepiece collector is selling one of his rarest rally timepiece sets.  David Scothorn is very knowledgeable on Heuer timepieces and I contact him when I have a questions about Heuer clocks and/or stopwatches.  In addition to his interest in watches, David has an Austin 1800 that took part in the grueling World Cup Rally in 1970.  The watches that he is offering for sale are shown on my accompanying page on this website titled “Rally Navigation/Co-Driver Equipment For Sale”.  To get to this page click on this title in the black row at the top of this page.

a&f 001

These Watches Are Being Offered For Sale

In the upcoming days I will have more about David’s rally car as there is an upcoming reunion of the lady drivers of this car and other similar rally cars who took part in the 1970 World Cup Rally.

Beauty Box (1)

David Scothorn’s Rally Car Was A World Cup Rally Finisher

This rally car finished 18th Overall and the team finished second in the running for the Ladies Prize.

As I said David is very knowledgeable when it comes to rally cars and Heuer watches.  The watches that he has for sale are very nice.  These watches are not inexpensive, but the prices of these watches seem to continue to rise.

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2 Responses to Rare Matched Pair Of Dashboard Clocks Offered For Sale

  1. Emil Joseph says:

    hi Steve
    I am interested in Heuer time pieces. How much are they?

    • Hi Emil,
      David’s asking price for the pair including the mounting plate is 4,000 British Pounds which would be about $6,000. Check out the Rally Navigation/Co-Driver Equipment For Sale page on this website.
      Steve McKelvie

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