Winners Of The 2016 Paris-Vienna Rally

The 2016 Paris-Vienna Rally has come to an end.  From the reports that I have read, the rally started out in less than ideal conditions with lots of rain during the initial days.  But judging from the photo below the rainy, cloudy weather did not diminish much from the scenery along the route.

PV Control

A Paris-Vienna Control Located Near A Mountain Summit

The five-day rally was not all rain and clouds as evidenced from the photo below taken at the start location for the fifth and final day.

Start Location Day 5

View From The Start Location On Day 5

The rally was competitive with the approximate 60 entries divided into 6 classes based on age and engine size.  The noticeable majority of the competitors were in the Veteran and Vintage Classes with made up cars that were no newer than the 1941 model year.  The newer cars however were well representative.

The complete results, as currently available, can be seen by clicking on the file below:

PV Results

The class winners for the six classes are shown below.

Class Winners At The 2016 Paris-Vienna Rally

Class Crew Car
Veteran 1 Peter Roberts & Colin Beasley 1905 Bianchi Speedster
Vintage 2 Gerd Buhler & Birgit Deymann-Buhler 1938 BMW 328


Vintage 3 Keith Graham and Susan Hoffman 1935 Bentley Derby VDP


Vintage 4 Albert de May and Nicolas Leonard 1927 Bentley Tourer


Classic 5 David Alderson & Dennis Greenslade 1967 Volvo 123 GT Amazon


Classic 6 Dominic Manser & Jack Manser 1984 AC Cobra 302

The overall winners of the Paris-Vienna Rally, Robert Abrey & Jane Abrey, were awarded the Charles Jarrott Trophy, named for an early 20th century.  They were driving a 1929 Bentley.  Bentleys seem to be always well represented in these types of rallies.  The reason is obvious when you take a close look at them – they were built tough!

Charles JarrottTrophy Winners

Winners of the Charles Jarrott Trophy: Robert Abrey & Jane Abrey – 1929 Bentley

The winners of the Spirit Of The Rally award went to pair of young men from my state of Massachusetts driving a Mustang convertible.


Spirit of the Rally Award: Kevin Bennett & Silas Hughes – 1965 Ford Mustang Convertible

I have not met these fellows before, but I look forward to catching up with them in the future to hear all about their experiences in the 2016 Paris-Vienna Rally.

For more information on this rally check out the Rally Round website at

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