Milwaukee Region Wins 2015 SCCA Regional Rally Achievement Award

The Milwaukee Region of the Sports Car Club of America (SCCA) has been awarded the 2015 Regional Rally Achievement Award.  This award is presented in recognition of the Region’s excellent work in establishing and developing a road rally program in the Milwaukee Region.  The region now has a number of well attended rallies and hosts two national road rally events in the same year.  This vigorous program was grown against a background where there had been no Milwaukee Region rally program for ten years prior to 2012.  These folks certainly seemed to have found the “secret sauce” and have just plain devoted time and energy to getting it right.

Milwaukee RegionThe Milwaukee Region Won The Road Rally Achievement Award From The Sports Car Club Of America

The SCCA Road Rally Regional Achievement Award was presented to Jay Nemeth-Johannes representing the Milwaukee Region at the SCCA Convention.

I contacted Jay to get some more information about their rally program.  Jay responded by telling me about some of their recent rallies.  Jay noted that there are a number of people who have stepped forward to make the Milwaukee Region rally program a success.  Much of what follows is based on information provided by Jay.

Recently the Region’s Roads Scholar National rally drew 14 national teams, but as it was a national rally they didn’t promote this rally to the locals.  A follow-on Sunday rally was promoted heavily to the local crowd and drew a field of 44 cars.  That was the capacity of the restaurant and so they had to turn away an additional 15 teams.

Jim Crittenden was chair and rallymaster for the Roads Scholar rally.  Jay wrote that Jim worked hard at providing something with just the right level of traps for each of the audiences.  Bruce Gezon and Steve Gaddy won the 18 leg national with 6 points.  The divisional was won by Chuck Hanson and Andy Kozolowski with only a single penalty point.

The Badger Burrow National Tour Rally ran on May 7, thus the Region managed to put on two national rally weekends only about a month apart.   The Badger Burrow was unfortunately forced to use Mother Day weekend, and that hurt attendance somewhat, but still 18 teams took part in the rally.

Both of these events ran through the hills of the “driftless area”.  The “driftless area” is a pocket of Wisconsin where the glaciers left a hole.  The area is filled with deep ravines and rolling hills.  As a result the area makes for perfect rally roads.  Since Badger Burrow is a tour time-speed-distance rally, a lot of effort goes into finding unique attractions.  In this year’s event the teams across Lake Wisconsin on the Merrimac Ferry.  We skirted the edge of the Baraboo Circus museum and also ran by a nineteenth century mill and pond.

Badger Burrow

Rally Cars Disembarking The Ferry

At these rallies each team receives some sort of participation award, generally a laminated business card attached to a refrigerator magnet.  Jay also tries to create unique trophies.  This year he built them around a ship’s wheel, keeping with the ferry theme.  In previous years, he has used stuffed badgers with name tags and Lego cars on a laminated base.  All of the trophies have the place plaque on an element that is easily changed.  That way he can easily redistribute the trophies based on who shows up.

Congratulations to Jay Nemeth-Johannes and the other folks involved with the rally program in the Milwaukee Region on winning the award and advancing car rallying in the Milwaukee Region.

If you have any comments or questions please leave a message below or send me a private email at the following address:  shanna12 at comcast dot net

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One Response to Milwaukee Region Wins 2015 SCCA Regional Rally Achievement Award

  1. Jay Nemeth-Johannes says:

    Thanks for the very nice writeup. FWIW, I was a bit slow in getting you pictures. For those that are interested, here is a pointer to pictures of Badger Burrow.

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