Some Progress Photos Of A High Quality Mercedes-Benz Restoration

Recently I was exchanging some messages with my friend Michael Eatough of England.  Michael will be competing in the upcoming Paris to Vienna Rally in a Mercedes-Benz fintail sedan.  In those messages Michael also updated me on the restoration of a Mercedes-Benz “Ponton” sedan that he acquired a couple of years ago.


Michael Eatough’s Mercedes-Benz “Ponton” Sedan

Michael sent me some pictures of the Mercedes-Benz after it had been painted.  These pictures are included with this post.  I found the quality of the work, as best can be determined from these photos, to be very impressive.


The Restoration Work Appears To Be Well Done

Michael has written to me in the past that the person who is doing the restoration has said that the original car was built to a high quality to begin with.  He said that the level of workmanship and material in the original car can not be duplicated by modern car assembly methods and still be sold at affordable prices.


The Interior Has Be Updated As Well

Michael looks forward to the completion of this car, which appears to just a couple of months away.  You can see from the left hand drive steering wheel in the photo above that the car was not an original British market car.  I think that Michael told me a year or two ago, that he purchased the car in the United States.  I look forward to seeing this car when the restoration is complete.

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