The Polaris Slingshot: Wind In Your Face Driving

The Polaris Slingshot has been around for about a year, but somehow this machine escaped my attention.  I still haven’t seen one on the road, but I did see a commercial on TV the other day for this three-wheel motorcycle which caught my attention.  This machine certainly is interesting.

Polaris Slingshot 1

The Polaris Slingshot

Polaris Industries Inc. is a major American manufacturing company that started out building snowmobiles.  Polaris then started to also make Victory motorcycles which recently expanded into building Indian motorcycles as well.  Now they are also building a three-wheel motorcycle or car, depending upon local laws.  Most states in the USA treat this machine as a motorcycle while some treat it like a car.

Polaris Slingshot 2

The Polaris Slingshot Has Impressive Performance

The slingshot has a 2.4 litre dual overhead camshaft General Motors engine that has seen duty in Saturns and the Pontiac Solstice.  The engine produces 173 horsepower at 7,000 rpm.  And to demonstrate its potential to hoon, the Polaris Slingshot weighs only about 1,700 pounds and has one-wheel drive.  The Slingshot has a five-speed transmission with a stick shift. I have seen numbers that indicate that the Slingshot will accelerate from 0 to 60 miles per hour in 4.6 seconds, 0 to 100 miles per hour in 12.1 seconds, do the quarter-mile in 13.6 seconds and has a top speed of 130 miles per hour.  This machine is all go up to its top speed.  And I think that 130 miles per hour would be quite a ride in this vehicle!

Given the power to weight ratio and the central one-wheel drive, I can image that under hard acceleration the rear end might jump around a little and the Slingshot might be difficult to keep in a straight line.

By the way, if anyone has one of these units in the Franklin, Massachusetts area drop by my house.  I’d love to go for a rip in a Slingshot.  I want to stay close to home in case I need to go back home to change my underwear.

Polaris Slingshot 3

The Polaris Slingshot Has Distinctive Styling

The Polaris Slingshot sells for $21,000 to about $25,000 depending upon the specific model.  I have not seen any of these machines on the road, but perhaps this summer a few will be on the road in the Massachusetts area.  They certainly are interesting vehicles.

I thought that the fine print on the Polaris Slingshot page was informative:

“Slingshot® is a three-wheeled motorcycle. It is not an automobile, it does not have airbags, and it does not meet automotive safety standards. Three wheel vehicles may handle differently than other vehicles, especially in wet conditions. Always wear DOT approved full face helmet and fasten seat belts. Driver may need a valid motorcycle endorsement. Don’t drink and drive. ©2016 Polaris Industries Inc.”

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3 Responses to The Polaris Slingshot: Wind In Your Face Driving

  1. Jay Nemeth-Johannes says:

    Might be a midwest tyhing as they are made up near Minneapolis. I saw a half dozen last summer, a couple close up. I never saw anyone wearing a helmet.
    They are quite fast, but my early Miata corners much better. Besides, the Miata has a top that can come up when you are surprised by rain.
    I guess I don’t get it. Not quite a motorcycle, not quite a sportscar.

  2. Mike Mazoway says:

    New York calls it a motorcycle and requires helmets and a motorcycle endorsement on your drivers license. I took a close look at one. There is not enough room to pack an extra pair of skivvies in one. They are good for a day trip but not for any type of travelling.

    • I assume that someone would have to travel like on a motorcycle. Was there any place to mount a small duffle bag like you can do on a motorcycle seat or a room for a small carry rack?

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