Buy This Car And Get A Free Entry Into The Rallye Monte Carlo Historique!

As I noted in my last post about Dan Allven’s Alfa Romeo, Dan has decided to sell his 1964 Fiat 2300 S Abarth coupe.  This is the car that Dan and I competed in this year’s Rallye Monte Carlo Historique.


Dan’s 1964 Fiat 2300 S Abarth Coupe Is For Sale

The body of the Fiat 2300 S Abarth coupe was designed by Ghia.  The Fiat standard 2300cc inline six-cylinder engine was improved by Abarth to provide 150 horsepower.


Styling Is More Like A Ferrari Than A Fiat

These cars are not common and it certainly garnered a lot of attention during this year’s Rallye Monte Carlo Historique.


The Fiat 2300 S Coupe Has 2+2 Seating

The interior of the car was completely redone in late 2015.


The Interior Was Recently Completely Replaced

I can say from personal experience that the car is very comfortable to sit in for long drives.


The Wood Steering Wheel Looks great In This Car

Not every car that enters the Rallye Monte Carlo Historique is accepted into the rally.  This car has a demonstrated history of being accepted into the Rally Monte Carlo Historique.

_DSC8746falzone Bartolomeo 11

Put Yourself In This Seat

Dan is asking 30,500 Euro for the 1964 Fiat 2300 S coupe, which includes the entry fee for the Rallye Monte Carlo Historique, which is approximately 5000 Euro!  This car is a ticket to a great adventure.

ANT_9458falzone Bartolomeo 11

Imagine Rallying Through The South Of France

The car is currently in Monaco.  If you have an interest in this car contact me via email (shanna12 at comcast dot net) and I will forward your interest along to Dan.

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