Some Additional Photos From The 2016 Baden Classic

When you take part in a rally it is very hard to find the time to take pictures.  Thankfully when Harald von Langsdorff and myself took part in the last weekend’s Baden Classic car rally which was based in Michelbach, Germany, there were some spectators who followed the rally with cameras and they took a lot of pictures.  I have included some rally photos of us that were taken by these rally spectators.  I want to thank Manfred Zembruski, Roland & Sarah Bittmann, Rudolf Hirth, and Jorg Weber for sharing these photos.

The picture below of myself and Harald was taken on Thursday night before the rally started when we presented the car for early technical inspection.  After the car inspection we had a nice meal in the XXL Grille at the Michelbach Sports Field.  Later we went out and calibrated our odometer on the calibrated distance route provided by the rally organizers.

IMG_2299 At Tech

Myself & Harald At The Technical Inspection

The people who loaned Harald the 1985 Mercedes-Benz 300SL car that we used in the rally had managed to get my Prestel+Gemmer rally odometer to work using the Mercedes-Benz electronic speedometer signal.  When we calibrated the odometer we found that our calibration number was only 72.  As rally navigators would know, the maximum calibration error for a given odometer is equal to one half of the smallest adjustable integer divided by the calibration number.  As a result our error could be as much as 0.5/72.  It would be desirable to have a higher calibration number to reduce the potential for error.  As a result I am becoming interested in a pulse multiplier.

In addition to the small number of pulses generated by the standard Mercedes-Benz electronic pulse generator in 1985 the pulses that were generated were weak at slow speeds.  As a result, when the car was moving slowly no measurable pulses were generated and the odometer display would not move.  I first observed this when we were lined up and moving slowly through the downtown area for the ceremonial start.

As I have noted in previous posts about this year’s Baden Classic rally, the weather for the most part of the rally was cloudy with rain showers.  Our borrowed car needed a new convertible top.  However to make things dry inside the car for the rally, we covered the holes in the top with black duct tape.  You can see this repair in the picture below.

IMG_2707 At Start

Lined Up Approaching The Start.  Note Our Convertible Top Repairs!

The formal rally start took place in downtown Gaggenau along a pedestrian mall.  It was quite well attended by spectators and the town mayor flagged us off.


The Local Mayor Flagging Us Off


We Are On Our Way!

The roads used for the rally were very interesting.  In Germany many of the farm roads in the vineyards and other farms are paved.  In some farms, these roads run all over place in helter skelter manner which can make course following very challenging in the hands of a cunning rallymaster.  Throughout the rally, there were passage controls to make sure that we were following the course correctly.  Sometimes we went through the same passage control more than once.  The photo below shows us at one of the passage controls along a farm road.


Getting Our Scorecard Stamped At A Passage Control


A Nice Tree-Lined Lane

Other rally roads were up in the mountains which gave us some wonderful views.  It was hard to look at the scenery as the organizers placed small signs randomly along the route with either numbers or letters on them.  We had to record the number written on each sign in the order that we saw the sign on our scorecard.  Each error in recording these numbers resulted in a penalty of 5 seconds, so we had to pay attention to not missing any of these signs rather than looking at the scenery.  This required concentrating on the road at all times.


This Was A Spectacular View

The photo below shows myself and Harald getting our Class 3 third place trophies at the awards banquet after the rally.


Myself & Harald Get Our Third Place Trophies

If you have any comments or questions regarding this post, then either leave a comment below or contact me by private email at: shanna12 at comcast dot net

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