Day 2 At The 2016 Baden Classic Brings Success

The second day of the 2016 Baden Classic started out wet and remained wet for most of the day.  This made things a little uncomfortable for the workers, especially those at Passage Controls where the marshal had the stamp your scorecard, verifying that you had passed a given location.


Our 1985 Mercedes-Benz 300SL Waits To Join the Rally In The Rain

We had little experience with our Mercedes-Benz 300SL as this model had never been officially imported to Canada or the USA and it had been loaned to us for use in the rally.  The car is fitted with a 3.0 litre inline six-cylinder engine with a single overhead camshaft.  This car provided us with all of the power we needed to climb the steep hills with the speed that we needed.  The car handled well and was comfortable to be in all day.


The Mercedes-Benz Engine Provided Plenty Of Power

 The image below shows the rally set-up that we used inside the car.  We placed the Prestel+Gemmer basic rally odometer in a central location so that it was readable by either Harald or I.  We had a time-of-day clock mounted on the consol with stopwatches mounted in front of me on the dash.


Our Interior Rally Set-Up

On this day the route books were given out an hour before the start of today’s competition.  The 60 plus cars entered in the Baden Classic rally all lined up to start the rally with the hopes of having a good day and keeping dry.


An MGB GT Waits To Start The Second Day Of The Rally

In mid-morning we had a slight break due to a generous transit time before starting a new section in a maze of farm roads.  The provided coffee and pastries as we waited to start this section were very much appreciated by the rally competitors.


Cars Lining Up To Start A Section Through A Farmer’s Field

This mid-morning break allowed for some picture taking and trading of rally stories amongst the competitors.


More Cars Waiting In The Rain

The weather improved throughout the day and by the end of the rally it was almost sunny.  The rally ended with its traditional run around the bridges in Michelbach and stopping for champagne in the town square after the finish.  There were plenty of spectators watching this final spirited drive around the bridges.


Cars Gathered Just After The Rally Finish

Harald von Langsdorff had some of his relatives met us at the end of the rally.  I had met these folks during previous Baden Classic rallies and it was good to see them again.  In the image below Harald is recounting the rally as he enjoys the finishing champagne.


Harald Visiting With Relatives Who Came To See The Rally

The Baden Classic is the opening rally of the season for the 10-event ADAC Classic Sudwest rally championship.  Many of the top teams were entered to get their season started and to start accumulating championship points.  For us, the rally field was divided into three classes based on the age of the car.  We were in Class 3 which is the class with the newest cars in the rally.  Harald and I managed to finish in third place in Class 3.  We had thought we would do well, but a couple of glitches near the end of the rally put that result in doubt, so we were somewhat surprised at the third place finish.  Congratulations to the two teams that finished ahead of us, as they had very good scores.


Harald & I Both Got Third Place Trophies In Class 3

It was a fun rally and it was good to catch up with some friends that we have made during our previous participations in this rally and meet some new friends.  We had fun and the celebrations extended well into the night.

If you have any comments or questions about this post you can add a comment below or you can send me a private email at the following address:  shanna12 at comcast dot net

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4 Responses to Day 2 At The 2016 Baden Classic Brings Success

  1. Jay Nemeth-Johannes says:

    Congratulations, Steve.

  2. Michael Müller says:

    Hi Steve, this is Michael with the yellow/green Escort. Good to see you and Harald on the 2017 event and also on the Monte Carlo Historique. We are in a Saab 99 ems in No. 264 starting in Reims.

    • Hi Michael,
      Good to hear from you! I saw your name on the RMCH entry list, but I was fooled by the Saab 99 as I was expecting to see that awesome Escort that you have (had?). I thought that it must be someone else with the same name. We are starting near the back of the field so we might not see each other. Look for us in a white Volvo PV544, Car #330.
      Steve McKelvie

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