I Will Be Competing In The Upcoming Rally Round The Erie Canal

On May 13 to May 15, 2016 the Northeast Rally Club’s annual spring rally will take place in Fairport, NY.  I am pleased to be navigating for Harald von Langsdorff in this rally.  Next week I will also be navigating for Harald in the Baden Classic Rally in Germany, but these two rallies have almost nothing in common.  The Rally Round The Erie Canal is a Time-Speed rally, where odometers of any kind are not allowed, very much like the larger and longer Great Race.  The rallymasters for this rally are Howard and Doug Sharp past winners of the Great Race.

GR1 Hudson 1916 (2)

Howard & Doug Sharp In Their 1916 Hudson Racer

The rally weekend will include a fun run on Friday, that is great practice, followed by the main competition rally extending over Saturday into Sunday. The rally will consist of routes through the beautiful Finger Lakes region of New York State and will include a stop at Three Brothers Winery in Geneva, NY. Lunch Saturday will be hosted by Great Race veterans John and Scott Hudson, in Baldwinsville, NY.

1940 Chev

John Hudson’s 1940 Chevrolet Rally Car

The field for this rally will be limited to 50 cars and our entry into the Rally Round The Erie Canal just arrived in time.  When an inquiry about the remaining space in the field they told us that only three spots remained, therefore our entry was quickly sent in.  I expect that this field filled quickly due to the normal enthusiasm for the Northeast Rally Club events, plus some Great Race teams using this rally as a real-world practice rally for the upcoming Great Race.

GR1 Hudson 1916 (5)

Howard & Doug Sharp’s Rally Setup With Timewise Speedometer, Analog Clock, and Performance Chart

For this weekend rally old cars are encouraged due to the scoring method, but are not required, as you can run whatever vehicle that a competitor might prefer. The final daily score will include an age factor adjusted for the year of the vehicle, the older the car the better the factored final score. There are three divisions: Pro, SOP, and Rookie. The Pro’s will typically use a Timewise 825 calibrated speedometer, SOP is “seat of the pants” where competitors use the stock speedometer in their vehicle and Rookie class is for anyone that has not competed in a Northeast Rally Club event before.

Timewise 825 (1)

My Timewise 825 Speedometer

For this rally Harald and I are going to try the Pro Class.  We have won the SOP Class in the last six Time-Speed practice rallies and competitive rallies in a row that we have entered going back to 2008.  But for this rally we are going to use my never-used-before Timewise 825 speedometer to see how we do in the Pro Class.  As a result, this event will be a learning event for us.

As a tradition with the Northeast Rally Club, a silent and live auction will be held to benefit a local charity or organization.  We will be bringing along something of interest to donate to the auction to help raise funds.

For all Rules and Regulations and other information about the Northeast Rally Club please visit the Northeast Rally Club website at www.northeastrallyclub.com

If you have any comments or questions leave a message below or contact me by private email at the following address: shanna12 at comcast dot net


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6 Responses to I Will Be Competing In The Upcoming Rally Round The Erie Canal

  1. Robert Melhado says:




  2. Mike Mazoway says:

    Wow, right in my backyard. I guess I know where I will be that weekend!

  3. Steve Keller says:

    Look forward to seeing you and Harald!

    • Hi Steve,
      Harald and I will certainly enjoy catching up in person with you at the Rally Round The Erie Canal. I had hoped that you guys would be there. This event will be a challenge for Harald and I. You have had great success in these rallies in the Saab and are an inspiration to us.
      Steve McKelvie

  4. Mike Mazoway says:

    Update: Frank Beyer and I will be working the event. Course checkout next week and working checkpoints during the event.

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