Cisitalia 202: A Milestone Car

Cisitalia was a small car builder in Italy that started up in 1947 to meet the demand for new cars following World War II.  Cisitalia was owned by a wealthy businessman, Piero Dusio.  The company made a variety of race and road cars, including an ill-fated grand prix car, the Cisitalia T360.  I discussed this Cisitalia T360 on this website on June 14, 2011 and January 3, 2013.

Cisitalia (1)

Cisitalia 202

The Cisitalia 202 was a milestone design as it was in the vanguard of the smooth full fendered designs that separated pre-war car designs from post-war car designs.  While I have never been there, it has been reported for years that a Cisitalia 202 is displayed in the New York Museum of Modern Art.

Cisitalia (2)

The Lack Of Front and Back Bumpers Contributes To The Smooth Design

The Cisitalia 202 had a well-tuned 1,089cc Fiat engine with twin Weber carburetors that put out 65 horsepower and 5,500 rpm.  The car was not particularly fast, but as the weight was only 1,760 pounds, it could be considered as brisk performance for that era although the reported top speed of these cars was just over 80 miles per hour.

Cisitalia (3)

The Right-Hand Drive Layout Suggests That This Car Was Made For the English Market

The early Cisitalia 202 cars had a complex multi-tubular design which would make any restoration project involving these cars very expensive.  The Cisitalia 202 was not an inexpensive car when new.  The selling price in the late 1940s was approximately $6,800 mostly due to the expensive Pinin Farina bodywork.

Cisitalia (4)

Two Large Dials Dominate The Dashboard Layout

The Cisitalia 202 was built between 1947 and 1952.  There were around 170 to 190 Cisitalia 202 cars built including about 60 convertibles.  So while a styling success, the car was not a commercial success.

Cisitalia (5)

The Design Of The Cisitalia Heavily Influenced Car Designers In The 1950s

Some convertible models were made as shown below.  Note that the convertible shown below has a two-piece windshield.  The car below also has a front bumper.

Cisitalia 202C 1951 (4)

A Few Convertible Cisitalia 202 Models Were Made

The Cisitalia company went bankrupt in the early 1950s, mostly because of the money that was spent on the Cisitalia T360 grand prix car.  So while the company did not last too long, the design of the Cisitalia 202 had a lasting impression.

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