New Prestel+Gemmer Odometer Added To My Navigator’s Tool Box

This week I took delivery of new electro-mechanical odometer.  I will be going to Germany in April to compete once again in the Baden Classic car rally on April 15 and 16, 2016.  As before, I will be navigating for Harald von Langsdorff.  This year the organizers narrowed the rules in our class with respect to allowable odometers that the competitors may use.  The organizers want the competitors to use non-electronic equipment, but will accept electro-mechanical units in lieu of purely mechanical units like Haldas, Aifab, or even a Langwell odometer.  Digital display electronic units are either disallowed or discouraged depending upon the English translation/interpretation used of the original German text in the rules.  While I think that there is big difference between disallowed and discouraged, we are planning on following the spirit of the rule and will use an electro-mechanical unit.

Both Harald and I have Brantz Retrotrip odometers which are electro-mechanical odometers, but I was looking for options.  After looking at what was available, I decided to buy a German-built Prestel+Gemmer Rallyemaster Basic odometer.  I first saw these units several years ago when competing in the Baden Classic car rally.  Prestel+Gemmer are a sponsor of this rally and they had some samples of their products on display.

My new Prestel+Gemmer RallyeMaster Basic is shown below.

Prestel+Gemmer Basic (1)

Prestel+Gemmer RallyeMaster Basic

The Prestel+Gemmer odometer has two odometer displays – one display can be used for the total distance while the other display can be used for incremental distances.  When pressed, the brushed metal bar underneath each odometer display will re-zero the display above it.

The three-digit display on the upper left front of the Prestel+Gemmer odometer is the calibration value that can be used to adjust the odometer to match the rallymaster’s odometer.  While a three-digit calibration number is not a very high resolution of the precision of the calibration, it is an approach used by the other similar electro-mechanical odometers on the market.

The button below the calibration number is a coding switch that will delete any stored pulses in the electronics .  This will improve the accuracy of the calibration procedure.

Prestel+Gemmer Basic (8)

Pushing The Bars Under The Odometer Displays Will Zero The Display

The wiring that is used with the Prestel+Gemmer odometer is a five-wire system.  Three of those wires are for the wheel sensor and the other two are for the 12-volt power supply.  For the Baden Classic, we will be using a VDO pulse generator that will be installed on the car’s speedometer cable.

Prestel+Gemmer Basic (5)

The Prestel+Gemmer Odometer Comes With A Connector Cable And Mount

I purchased my Prestel+Gemmer RallyeMaster Basic from RetroClassic Car Parts in England and I got very good service from Colin Beever, who heads up that company.

To see the installation and operating instructions for the Prestel+Gemmer RallyeMaster Basic, click on the following pdf file:

Prestel Gemmer BASIC Manual

If you have any comments or questions about this post either leave a comment below or send me a private email at: shanna12 at comcast dot net

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  1. Terry walker says:

    What car are you navigating

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