Renault 8 – The Successor To The Renault Dauphine

As a follow-up to the some of the stories I have posted about the Renault cars, I thought that I would post some information about the successor to the Renault Dauphine, the Renault 8.


1965 Renault 8

In 1964, an 1,100cc engine was used in manual shift R8 cars.  This rear-mounted engine produced 51 horsepower.  After 1964, the Renault R8 cars were fitted with disk brakes on all four wheels.  The standard transmission in these cars was a 4-speed manual transmission, with an automatic transmission as an option.


All The Renault 8 Cars Were Four-Door Cars

The particular Renault 8 car show in this post is a regular participant in the Baden Classic.  Last year they were one of our teammates on the three-car team that won the Team Prize at the Baden Classic.


The Engine Is Located In The Rear

Canada Track & Traffic did a road test of a Renault R8 in September 1964.  The summary shown below was taken from that issue of Canada Track & Traffic.  This car had an 1,100cc engine in it.  The performance of this car could described as moderate.

CT&T Renault 8 Test

September 1964 Road Test In Canada Track & Traffic

Renault had a more powerful version of the Renault 8 known as the Gordini.  The Gordini models were fitted with cross-flow heads, two dual-barrel Solex carburetors on the 1,100cc engine that had the compression ratio increased to 10.5:1.  This engine produced about 95 horsepower, which is a quite an improvement over the 50 horsepower in the standard Renault 8 with the same size engine.

The R8 Gordini model shown below competed in this year’s Rally Monte Carlo Historique.


Renault 8 Gordini At The Rallye Monte Carlo Historique

The Renault 8 Gordini can be distinguished from the base Renault 8 by the additional set of built-in headlights.  Most of the Renault 8 Gordini cars that I have seen are blue with two white stripes running down the middle of the car.  The white Renault 8 Gordini car shown above is not as common.

With 95 horsepower the Renault 8 Gordini cars had about as much power as the British sports cars, with its engine over the drive wheels, but with more protection from the elements and the extra space for two additional passengers.  This car could be rallied on the weekend and taken shopping during the week.  This was a very useful car.

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2 Responses to Renault 8 – The Successor To The Renault Dauphine

  1. Greg G says:

    Put this on the Dauphine post by mistake. Bring a Trailer and deep pockets.

  2. Greg G says:

    guess it was sold back in 2013. Still nice to lok at.

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