Two American Entries In The 2016 19 Capitales Historico

The 2016 19 Capitales Historico will be held in Uruguay from Feb 28 to March 5, 2016.  This is one of the major car rallies in South America. The 19 Capitales Historico follows a route that the competitors through the capitals of each of the 19 provinces that make up the country of Uruguay.  The competitive portion of the rally takes place over five days with a route that is almost 2,700 kilometres long.


In 2016 there will be two American entries in this event.  Both of the entries are Uruguay ex-pats who live in the Westchester County area of New York State.  Paulo Ceretta, who has a bicycle shop, will be entered as the driver in a 1980 BMW 320 with his brother Alejandro as his navigator.  Fernando Denis has an auto body business and will be driving his newly restored 1974 BMW 2002 Tii with his father doing the navigating.

photo 1.1

Paulo Ceretta’s 1980 BMW 320

Fernando Denis has only recently completed his new car that he built especially for this rally.  He has rebuilt the lovely looking 1974 BMW 2002 Tii shown below.


Fernando Denis’ New BMW

I like the way that Fernando has painted the valve cover on his BMW.  This car was completely rebuilt and it is in very good condition.


Fernando’s Engine Paint Matches His Car

I know Fernando and Paulo well as they came up to see me a couple of years ago seeking some advice about timing in this rally and we have kept in touch over the years.  They both enjoy going back to Uruguay  to get re-acquainted with family and friends as well as take part in this rally.

I enjoy seeing pictures of the cars that compete in this rally.   Many of the cars in South America are not like the cars typically seen in North America and Europe.  An example of this is the Ford Falcon shown below.  This Ford Falcon is much more muscular looking than Falcons normally seen in the USA.

photo 30

A Serious Ford Falcon

Perhaps my favorite South American car is the IKA Torino 3.8.  This car was based on the Rambler American hardtop, but was styled in sporting manner.  I have frequently said that American Motors should have entered into a deal with IKA to import these cars into the USA.

fit (3)

IKA Torino 3.8

As I stated earlier, the competitive portion of the 19 Capitales Historico takes place over five days.  The routes for each of the five days are shown in the attached file.  Just click on the file name to see the maps.


For more information about this rally please check out the event’s website at:

If you have any questions or comments about this post either leave a comment below or contact me by private email at: shanna12 at comcast dot net

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