Renault Dauphine Rally Cars And A Marque Website

About a week ago I posted a report about my participation in this year’s Rally Monte Carlo Historique in which I included the picture below of a Renault Dauphine 1093 rally car.  As a result of that posting I was contacted by Jean-Francois Riou of France who maintains a website dedicated to the Renault Dauphine 1093. I was able to forward some additional information on these rally cars with respect to their history in Canadian rallying.


Renault Dauphine 1093

The Renault Dauphine 1093 was a limited production rally version of the Renault Dauphine model.  The car was produced during 1962 and 1963.  The Renault Dauphine 1093 engine was tuned to produce 55 horsepower which was the same as produced by the 1962 997cc Mini Cooper.

There were three Renault Dauphine models.  Two of these models are mentioned in the advertisement below which was published in Canada Track & Traffic in 1962.

Renault Dauphine Ad 1962

1962 Renault Ad In Canada Track & Traffic

The two models mentioned in the Renault ad are the Dauphine and the Gordini.  The Dauphine was the base model, while the Gordini was identified in the above ad as “luxurious”.

The Dauphine had an 845cc overhead valve, inline 4-cylinder engine that produced 32 horsepower.  The Dauphines were rear-engined and rear-wheel drive cars.  The Gordini model, in addition to being more “luxurious”, had the same basic engine as the Dauphine except that it was tuned to produce 40 horsepower.


The Renault Dauphine Gordini

In 1962 in Canada the Renault Dauphine sold for $1695 while the more upscale and powerful Gordini sold for $1835.  By way of comparison, the Austin 850 Mini sold for $1365, the Fiat 600D was priced at $1499, and the asking price for a base 1962 Volkswagen was $1695.  As can be seen, the Renault Dauphine was priced a little higher than much of its competition.

I don’t have a price for the 1093 rally version of the Dauphine.


This Gordini Lines Up For Scrutineering At The 2016 Rallye Monte Carlo Historique

As mentioned earlier, Jean-Francois Riou has established a website dedicated to the Dauphine 1093.  He is looking for any information and/or documentation relating to the Renault Dauphine 1093.

The website is 



Renault Dauphine Gordini Is A Rear-Engined Car

I know that three Renault Dauphine 1093 cars were shipped over to Canada to take part in Canadian car rallies, especially the 1962 Shell 4000 rally where they won the team prize.  I don’t know what became of these cars.  If anyone can provide some information on the ultimate fate of the three works Canadian Dauphine 1093 rally cars, then I would be interested in hearing from you.

If you have any questions or comments about this post, then either leave a comment below or contact me privately by email at: shanna12 at comcast dot net

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5 Responses to Renault Dauphine Rally Cars And A Marque Website

  1. Greg G says:

    In 1961, my next door neighbor’s father traded his 54 Studebaker coupe for a Dauphine. It was a sand beige colored base model. he drove it for two years, and then traded it for a new Gordini. I remember it being quite nice on the inside. As my friend and I were 13/14 at the time, Cars and what made them go, were becoming important to us. I do recall the Gordini had anti sway bars front and rear, it had larger tires, and a different intake set up than the Dauphine. Another friends older brother was int he Navy at the time and had just purchased a Mini. It was a base model, and I know first hand that the Mini would spank the Gordini in the unauthorized acceleration contests we got into with them. I do recall his dad mentioning that at around 65 mph the steering went away and the car being very susceptible to side winds and the bow wake from trucks and buses that would pass on the newly opened stretches of I 81 that were becoming available. At the same time a friend of my mother was driving a 60 or 61 Dauphine that had a chronic overheating problem and wouldn’t go more that 7/8 miles before needing to be shut off and allowed to cool down. A discussion of the 62 Simca Aronde I had for about a month in high school will hold for another day.

    • Hi David,
      It is similar. What I am interested in is the fate of the three cars that made up the Renault rally team that won the team prize in the 1962 Shell 4000 rally. By the way, I have no plans to purchase any of those cars. I already have a Saab 99 that needs a little attention.
      Steve McKelvie

  2. Mike Tippett says:

    We are on the trail of a few leads, a couple of these leads are stone cold (in Canada) but one is from a guy who drove one of these 1093s to an SCCA championship and then there is an actual 1093 sitting in a yard in California. We were there last weekend Hope to be able to share more information as we get it.

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