Spectacular Awards Dinner At The Rallye Monte Carlo Historique

Last night the official proceedings of the 2016 Rallye Monte Carlo ended with the Prize Giving Gala Dinner at Salle des Etoiles, Sporting Monte Carlo.  It really was a spectacular event.  There was champagne, lights, music, entertainment, and beautiful women.  Oh yes, there were several hundred well-scrubbed rally competitors awaiting their prizes.

The organizers had prepared a video of the cars in competition at the 2016 Rallye Monte Carlo Historique.  Dan and I were pleased that our car was included in the video.  As I noticed in the video, not only do the cars in the Rallye Monte Carlo look great, you can see that they handle well too!

The entertainment was great as well.  There was a dance group who had an interesting dance routine that was probably the equivalent to an Eastern European “Riverdance”.  Then a magician with a talent for being a pick-pocket did a very entertaining pick pocket routine where he just about cleaned out a volunteer from the audience who was a navigator from Denmark.  It was amazing.  All of this was followed by a breath-taking dance/gymnastic show with three participants.  These people were very strong and athletic.  The moves that they were making certainly required the members to have a lot of trust in each other.

While this show was going on, we were served a five-course meal with all of the taste that you would expect from a high-quality place like Monte Carlo.

After this the prizes were given out to the top competitors.  There was a long table filled with trophies for the top competitors.  As the top awards were given out the national anthem of the competitors was played. Due in part to our mechanical woes Dan Allven and I finished somewhat further down the order and we won a key chain!  But what we really won was an experience that cannot be duplicated in another event.  This entire rally is something that rallyists should take part in at least once.  And to go back again, if possible.  One competitor, the well-known Willy Cave, who at age 91, (I believe) has been here 23 times!

After the awards were given out, Dan drove me around Monte Carlo to see the Prince’s castle and to view the sights of Monte Carlo at night at a leisurely pace, as compared to the go-go-go pace of the rally.  This really is a wonderful place that hosts a wonderful car rally.  You’ve got to do this someday.

Today I am heading back home to the USA to “normal” life and to get caught up on sleep.  More later.

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