2016 Triumph Bonneville T120 Unveiling At Larz Andersen

Last Saturday night I attended a New England regional unveiling of the new 2016 Triumph Bonneville models.  Triumph Motorcycles rented the Laz Andersen Museum of Transportation in Brookline, Massachusetts and invited the regional Triumph dealers and some local motorcycle enthusiasts to take part in this presentation of the new Bonneville models.  This stop in the Boston area is part of a national tour promoting the Triumph Bonnevilles.


Triumph Presented the New Bonnevilles At The Larz Andersen Museum

The museum was filled with a standing room only crowd.  It was so crowded that it was very difficult to get a good look at these new motorcycles.  It was so crowded that I never even made it to the bar.  Soon after the evening started Triumph unveiled the complete Bonneville lineup for 2016:

  • Street Twin – a 900cc twin cylinder engine with 18% more torque and reported 36& better fuel economy than the previous Bonnevilles
  • Bonneville T120 Black – An all-black 1200cc Bonneville
  • Bonneville T120 – a 1200cc Bonneville with the classic retro look.
  • Thruxton – A cafe-racer themed Bonneville with a special high performance version of the new 1200cc engine
  • Thruxton R – Same engine as the Thruxton, but equipped with big bigger brakes, better rear suspension, and high performance tires


The New Bonneville T120 Features A 1200cc Engine

The motorcycle that caught my attention the most and which was why I went to the unveiling was the Bonneville T120.  I have always been drawn in by the Triumph Bonneville look and the new Bonneville T120 has the look and now has significantly more power with the 865cc engine being replaced by a 1200cc engine and the five-speed transmission has now become a six-speed transmission.  I have not yet seen the gear ratios for the new transmission, but I’m hoping the new transmission gearing will have a little longer legs allowing for higher freeway speeds with less engine stress.


The New Larger Engine Is Now Matched With A Six-Speed Transmission

The Triumph Motorcycles folks brought along a 1959 Bonneville and despite many changes mechanically, an almost doubling of the engine size, the styles of the two motorcycles are very similar.


A Comparison Between A 2016 Bonneville And A 1959 Bonneville

The new Bonneville T120 is going to sell in the range of $11,500 to $12,000.  I think that it will be a successful motorcycle in the marketplace.  The audience at Larz Andersen certainly liked it.  I am interested in seeing some road tests of this motorcycle to see if the performance is what I expect it will be.

2016-Triumph-Bonneville-T120 two tone

The 1200cc Liquid Cooled Engine Will Give The Bonneville Lots Of Performance

This summer when I was at my local Triumph dealer he wanted to sell me a new Bonneville, when I said I would rather have an additional 30 horsepower and a sixth gear in my current Bonneville. The best he could offer, while maintaining an engine that could be driven normally on the street, was an improved exhaust system for 10% more power.  Triumph must have been listening to that conversation.

West Cornwall Bridge with Bike

My Current Triumph Bonneville

In the New England area the 2015 riding season has come to an end until spring 2016 arrives.  I am just about ready to put the Stabil in the tank of my Triumph Bonneville and contemplate next year.  While I am very happy with my current Triumph Bonneville, this new 2016 T120 Bonneville pushes all the right buttons for me.

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