Indra: An Interesting American/European Combination

In the past couple of weeks I have been showing some uncommon cars that I saw in 2015 when I went to Germany to take part in the Baden Classic car rally.  This post returns to that theme with a car that I had never heard of or had seen before this year – the Indra.  This car is shown in the photo below.


Intermeccanica Indra

The owner of this car is an obvious Indra enthusiast as he had an Indra hat and a color matching shirt!  Unfortunately, as I was too embarrassed to reveal my lack of German language skills, I did not approach the owner to find out more about this particular car.  While I was taking these pictures, I heard someone else say what I interpreted to mean that the car was all Corvette underneath the body skin.


The Indra Is Generally An Attractive Car

The Indra was built by  Construzione Automobili Intermeccanica  an automobile manufacturer, founded in Torino, Italy by Frank Reisner in 1959.  The company has subsequently moved to Vancouver, British Columbia in Canada.  Intermeccanica is a very small production car company.  In looking at their history, I was surprised to find out that Intermeccanica built the Phoenix car for John Fitch.


Intermeccanica Emblem

From 1971 to 1974, Intermeccanica built 125 Indras in three variations – convertible, notchback coupe, and fastback coupe. In 1973 the Indra was presented at the New York Automobile Show, many orders taken and distributorship for the United States set up. Then General Motors changed its policy and stopped supplying both the Chevrolet engines and the Opel parts to Intermeccanica.  In addition General Motors, told their Opel dealers in Germany that they were no longer to sell the Indras.  These factors essentially brought an end to the Indra models.


The Sounds From The Indra’s Dual Exhaust System Was Pure V8

In 1981, the production of the Intermeccanica cars was moved to Vancouver, British Columbia.  The company appears to be a specialty shop capable of building a few one-off cars with good build quality.


The Indra Had A Nice Interior And Was Well-Equipped For Rallying

The interior of the Indra was quite attractive and the white seats did not show their possible 45 year age.  I suspect that it was refreshed in the recent past.

This Indra is nicely fitted for rallying.  For timing, the car has a Hanhart three-stopwatch Prestel + Gemmer set up operating on a single action control arm.  One stopwatch is the current running time, one stopwatch is stopped at the time the last control was encountered, and one stopwatch is currently zeroed readied to start at the next control.  The next action of the timing lever will stop the running stopwatch, re-zero the stopped stopwatch, and start the currently zeroed stopwatch.  The navigator has added a couple of pencil/pen holders between the stopwatches.  For nightime rallying a navigator’s light has been added.  For measuring distance, the car has an electronic/mechanical Retrotrip 3 odometer.  This odometer is unique because it has three distance displays and can have two currently active calibration factors.

For more information about Intermeccanica check ou the following website:


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