Jens Gandrup Jorgensen Prepares For 2016 Rally Monte Carlo Historique

Over the past few months I have been in regular contact with Jens Gandrup Jorgensen who is preparing commercially available road books for the 2016 Rally Monte Carlo Historique.  In addition to preparing the road books, Jens is also a competitor in the Rally Monte Carlo Historique, as a driver, along with his son Kristian, who is his navigator.

Jens’ car is a 1977 Alfa Romeo GTV as shown below on the road during the 2015 Rally Monte Carlo Historique.

039 K (8) copie

Jens Gandrup Jorgensen’s 1977 Alfa Romeo GTV

Over the past year Jens has completely rebuilt his rally car.  You can see from the pictures below that this rebuild was extensive.

Jens Car photo IMG_0479


Jens Car Photo IMG_2469

Photos From The Re-Build During The Summer of 2015

Recently Jens took some time off from working on the road books to go to Norway to do 4 days of practice at the John Haugland Winter Rally School, situated at the Dagali Airport at Geilo, Norway.  John Haugland is a former driver in World Rally Championship series, often for the Skoda rally team.  Some of the well-known drivers who have attended his rally school include Petter Solberg, Richard Burns, Alister McRae, Mark Higgins, and Guy Wilks.

This was the first driving time for the car after reassembling.  For the most part things went well, except for some minor improvements that were identified.  The school’s track was very icy, and Jens had the opportunity to do a lot of braking from 65 mph to close to 0 mph at hairpin turns.  Through this experience Jens was able to learn more about the importance and effect of tire pressures, front & rear brake balance, and experience the difference between winter and studded tires. Everything for harsh winter weather conditions that could occur during the Rally Monte Carlo Historique.

Jens sent me a report on his experience  at the John Haugland Rally School, but it was written in Danish.  I have included a copy of this report in the following file.  Just click on the file name and you can see his report:

Jens at Haugland Rally School

For other English limited readers, in addition to myself, I can tell you what some of the pictures show in Jens’ report:

  1. Top of Page 1 shows the icy conditions
  2. Bottom of Page 1 shows why Jens was not able to drive on the frozen lake. The ice was 12” thick, but a new layer of rain and snow upon the ice made it impossible, so all the driving was on the frozen runway of the airport.
  3. Top of Page 2 shows the machinery for making the track on the runway.
  4. Bottom of Page 2 shows that when the track became too icy, they used a Mercedes 190 2,3 E with tires with lots of Swedish studs (6 mm outside of the tire) to rip the surface of the ice, so that the car could get some more grip.
  5. The next 3 pictures are from the training.
  6. The last picture on Page 4 is from a lunch break, John Haugland to the left, his wife Julia (a former British Rally codriver) is to the right and sitting behind Julia is Thomas Haugland who drove the Mercedes 190.

Jens Gandrup Jorgensen and his crew will be going to France/Monaco from 4th to 10th of January to check their road books, and he is certain that they will have the road books ready for the start in Bad Homburg of the 2016 Rally Monte Carlo Historique.

If any rally competitors are interested in taking advantage of Jen’s road books for the 2016 Rally Monte Carlo Historique, then check out his website at

I will have more about the 2016 Rally Monte Carlo Historique over the next two months.

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  1. Greg G says:

    looks like Ice Racing School to me…

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