A Nice Jaguar XK E-Type At The Baden Classic Rally

At last year’s Baden Classic Rally based in Baden-Baden Germany , I saw a number of interesting cars also taking part in the rally.  One of the cars in the rally that was impressive was the 1967 Jaguar XK E-Type shown below.  Any Jaguar XK E-Type is a good-looking car, but this one was particularly nice.

2015 Germany (429)

1967 Jaguar XK E-Type

In the above picture, Harald von Langsdorff and I are in the second white car behind the Jaguar.  This picture was taken as we lined up for the official start of the Baden Classic Rally.

2015 Germany (436)

This car Was Driven In The Rally By Wolf-Dieter Roetzer/Ursula Roetzer

With this car the color was right, the stance was right and I liked the wide tires fitted on wire wheels.

2015 Germany (437)

The Wire Wheels And Fat Tires Looked Great

This car was fitted with the 4.2-litre inline six-cylinder engine.  What I can’t present here is the sound that this car made.  This Jaguar the right combination of growl and purr. During the rally Wolf and Ursula must have gotten lost a couple of times, as they passed us several times with the performance of the Jaguar on display in order to catch up, as they were supposed to be running ahead of us.


Final Preparations Being Made Prior To The Rally

I have read that Enzo Ferrari was brought to tears when he first saw the Jaguar E-Type declaring that it was the most beautiful car in the world.  If true, this is quite a compliment coming from a man who made some beautiful cars himself.


The Car Did Not Have Any Fitted Rally Equipment

The interior of the Jaguar was very simple, business-like, but as can be seen in the above photo, the Jaguar was not fitted with an adjustable rally odometer, but the navigator did have some timing equipment.  This lack of rally equipment might have contributed to some of the difficulties that they experienced during the rally.

2015 Germany (543)

The Jaguar XK E-Type On The Road During The Rally

Most of these pictures of the Jaguar XK E-Type were taken by my traveling companions during this trip.  I am not sure who to specifically attribute these photos to, but thanks lady and gentlemen!

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  1. Kurt Kiefer says:

    Now we are talking Steve non purist xke with a growl😀😀😀😀🇬🇧. Have a fantastic holiday season Kurt Kiefer

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