A “Pikes Peak” Type Road Is Presented

Yesterday I posted a story about the demise of the gravel road that led up Pikes Peak and is the venue of a famous hill climb.  Overnight I got an email from Fred Gallagher from the Endurance Rally Association with a picture of a road, RP 63 in the Caleuu area, north of San Carlos de Bariloche, Argentina.  Some might recognize that San Carlos de Bariloche is a small city where the recent 1000 Millas Sport Rally passed through several times.  This road is shown below.

Rally Of The Incas Road

RP63, North Of Bariloche, Argentina

This road looks like a great “Pikes Peak” type road.  It’s smooth, fast, with a gravel surface, curvy, wide, there are no neighbors, and it has great spectator sightlines.  If I look at that far curve, I think that I can see Louie Unser sliding around that curve kicking up a massive dust trail in his 1961 Chevy.

This road will be a feature of the Endurance Rally Association’s forthcoming Rally of the Incas.  This rally will take place from November 13 to December 9, 2016.  It looks like the Endurance Rally Association has picked some good roads for this event.  The overall route of the Rally Of The Incas is shown below.

Rally Of The Incas Route Map

Route Of 2016 The Rally Of The Incas

I would say that the Endurance Rally Association’s Fred Gallagher identified a great road that would be good site for an old-style “Pikes Peak” hill climb.  Thanks for sharing this Fred!

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2 Responses to A “Pikes Peak” Type Road Is Presented

  1. Steve Martin says:

    Grand Junction, Colorado has such a road. I raced on it last Aug. It’s called “Lands End”. It needs more publicity. Many cars that ran Pikes Peak run this course. It’s all dirt baby.

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