Final Results From The 2015 1000 Millas Sport Rally

The 1000 Millas Sport Rally is over for another year.  It appears to have been another success.  This rally continues to grow in stature and has helped to develop some top Argentine rally teams who can challenge for top positions and win the prestigious Mille Miglia in Italy.

While similar to the Mile Miglia in distance and scoring, it differs in one major way as the teams return to the same hotel every evening rather than staying in a different hotel each night as in the case of the Mille Miglia.  The base hotel for the rally is in Llao llao, Argentina.

Start Area At Llao Llao Hotel

Starting Arch At The Llao Llao Hotel

On this third day of the rally, the teams traveled south to Lago Epuyen area, then turned around and returned to Llao Llao.  This third day was noticeably shorter than the first two days with a length of 360 kilometres.  The Day 3 route is shown below.


1000 Millas Sport Rally Day 3 Route

The rally attracts a wide variety of cars and the entry requirements are not as restricted as the Mille Miglia.  For the most part all older sports cars are eligible in one class or another.  the photo below shows an Alfa Romeo, some Porsche 356s, and a Corvette (maybe 1960) that compete in this rally.

Competitor cars

Some Of The Competitor’s Cars

The final results were quite close – one of the closest finishes in the rally’s history.  The overall winners were the team of Claudio Scalise/Daniel Claramunt in their 1931 Alfa Romeo 6C 1750 GS who finished only about 9/100 of a second better than Daniel Erejomovich/Gustavo Llamos in their 1938 AC 16/80 Competition Sport!  Nine hundreds of a second – that’s likely faster than the blink of an eye.


2015 Overall Winners Were The Team Of Claudio Scalise/Daniel Claramunt

The top half of the final classification for the 2015 1000 Millas Sport rally is shown below.  Note that the lone American in this event, Milton Garcia the navigator in Car #98, a 1969 Jaguar, finished in 74th position.  This was a slight improvement as they were in 75th position after Day 2.  They can also say that they finished one position behind Juan Manuel Fangio.

Final Results 2015 Top Places

A look at the cars entered into this rally shows the wide variety cars eligible to enter the 1000 Millas Sport.

The Class winners of the 2015 1000 Millas Sport rally and other special award winners are as follows:

Category C: Alejandro Lopez/Gabriel Gourovich (Delage DM 1927)

Category D: Claudio Scalise/Daniel Claramunt (1750 Alfa Romeo 6C 1931 GS)

Category F1: Paul and Nicolas Lara (MG B 1963)

Category F2: Luis Zerbini/Jose Rodriguez (1600 Alfa Romeo Giulia GT)

G1 Category: Leonardo Zerbini/Federico Rodriguez (Porsche 911 T 1972)

G2 Category: Hernán Repetti/Carolina Diharce (BMW 635 CSI 1981)

CAS Category: Pedro Falconi/Ramiro Bona (Bigliani SN6 1995)

Luciano Viaro Award, Best Foreign Dupla: Mattia Colpani/Alberto Gnutti (911)

Bitito Mieres, Sportsmanship Award: Marian Stoch/Albert Szwaj (Aston Martin 15/98 1937)

Best to Auto Prize: 1750 Alfa Romeo 6C 1931 GS

Top-Ranked Father-Son Binomio Award: Guillermo and Ignacio Acevedo (Jaguar XK 120 1954)

Performance Index: Gabriele Gnudi/Marco Ianuzzi (Jaguar XK140 1956)

Ladies Cup: Valeria Beruto/Pilar Hermida Lozano (1955 Triumph TR2)

Best Bar Lory Cup Member: Claudio Scalise

Gentlemen Driver Award: Cesar Litvin/Vicente Labonia  (Chevrolet Corvette 1960)

For the complete list of the final classification for the 2015 1000 Millas Sport rally, click on the following file name:    Final Standings 2015

For more information on this rally check out the event’s website at 

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