Day 2 Results From The 2015 1000 Millas Sport Rally

The second day of the 2015 1000 Millas Sport rally is in the book and there was a slight change in the top of the field.  The second day route took the competitors over the border into Chile for the mid-day break and return to the rally’s base hotel in Llao Llao, Argentina.  The Day 2 Route is shown below.  There reports that the border crossing took a little longer than anticipated due to the heavy tourist traffic.  Remember that in South America it is now spring time in that part of the world.


2015 1000 Millas Sport Rally Day 2 Route

The time sheet for Day 2 is shown below.  To understand the timing method for this rally consider the first section of the day’s rally that starts at the rally’s base hotel in Llao Llao.  From the start, the crews will travel 1.0 kilometre to the start for PC 30.  As the timing is “libre” to the start for PC 30, the crews do not have a defined start time at that start location.  However once the cars cross the start line they have 11 seconds to travel 70 metres to PC 30, then 3 minutes 54 seconds to travel 2.69 kilometres to PC 31, then 13 seconds to travel 100 metres to PC 32, and so on.  Note that this is not continuous timing – competitors are timed from PC control to PC control.  The finish line for one PC is the start line for the next PC control.  Further to these PC controls, the competitors must reach CH control at Los Girasoloes 1 hour 17 minutes after starting from the Llao Llao hotel.  The distance to the CH control at Los Girasoloes is 54.40 kilometres from the start at the hotel.


2015 1000 Millas Sport Rally Day 2 Time Sheet

In my report on the results of Day 1, I noted that the team of Scalise/Claramunt would be competitive in this rally and they made me look good as they moved into first place overall after Day 2.  But as the top teams are only a few hundredths of seconds apart, changes in the standings are not unexpected.

Image From Day 2

2015 1000 Millas Sport Day 2 Leaders In Their 1931 Alfa Romeo 6C 1750 GS

The other car that I have been following is Car#98, a 1969 Jaguar XKE, in which the only American competitor, Milton Garcia, is the navigator.  This car had a little better Day 2 result, moving up slightly from position 82 to position 75.

Looking at the results shown below, it can be seen that the positions at the top of the field are separated by hundredths and tenths of seconds, while further down the field, the positions are separated by whole seconds and tenths of a second which results in fewer changes in the standings from day to day and the harder it is to move up in the standings.

Day 2 Top Results

Top Standings After Day 2 of The 2015 1000 Millas Sport Rally

For the complete standings after Day 2 click on the following file name:  Day 2 Results

The rally will be completed today and a close finish is guaranteed.

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