Using And Modifying Halda T-Gears

This past weekend I was out doing some tests my Halda equipment and components.  I had acquired a Halda Tripmaster from a fellow in New Zealand and I was not sure if it was calibrated for miles or kilometres.  I suspected that I had a connection problem when the “+” and “-” directions for the indicated distance on the Halda Tripmaster seemed to be mixed up.


My Halda Tripmaster Test Set-Up With 8:1 Reduction Gear & 1:1 T-Gear

This was confirmed shortly after when I removed the Halda Tripmaster and replaced it with one of my Halda Mk. V Speedpilots.  When a Halda Speedpilot is turning in the wrong direction, the Speedpilot will move only slightly and then make a buzzing noise.

When faced with this problem the solution I selected was to make adjustments to the Halda T-Gear that I was using in my setup.  Halda T-Gears are used to change the direction of the cable, but with a ratio of 1:1 the speed of the rotation cable is not effected.

The drive pin connecting the Speedpilot with the connection equipment must be the correct length and it must turn counter-clockwise as you look along the axis of the drive pin from the base of the connection pin towards the back of the Speedpilot.  The picture below shows the Halda T-Gear with some drive pins inserted so that I could confirm the direction of rotation.

Halda T-Gear (2)

Halda T-Gear

The Halda T-Gear can be taken apart in order to make changes needed to make the Halda set-up work.  The gear has set screws at each end which can be loosened and the gear and end connections can be removed.  The picture below shows two end connections and central rotating gear removed from the run of the Halda T-Gear.

Halda T-Gear (6)

Halda T-Gear “Run” Components

In order change the direction of rotation of the branch of the Halda T-Gear, I took the branch gearing and connection out of the Halda T-Gear casing and switched it end-for-end.  This resulted in the changed direction of rotation that I was looking for.

The take away from this post is that small modifications to the Halda fittings can be made in order to make your Halda installation work.

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2 Responses to Using And Modifying Halda T-Gears

  1. Emil Joseph says:

    I have a speed pilot Mk IV which I like to install in my 1961 Mini Cooper S. I need a 1:1 T gear in order to use the speedo a d the speed pilot . I do have an 7.5:1 and a 8:1 could you help to get one?

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