Follow Up On Fred Gallagher’s Last Rally GB As Clerk Of The Course

Earlier this week, I posted a story about Fred Gallagher’s last Rally GB as Clerk Of The Course, a position that he has held for the last 20 years.  Fred sent me a brief note to thank me for acknowledging this accomplishment and his plans for the future.

Fred also sent me a picture from the Team Managers’ Meeting that was held at this year’s Rally GB.  This was Fred’s last Team Managers’ Meeting as Clerk Of The Course.

Rally GB Managers Meeting 2

2015 Rally GB Team Managers’ Meeting

This photo is quite a collection of FIA, WRC, and team officials who are the movers and shakers of World Rally Championship events.  Shown in the photo from left to right are:

Back row – Iain Tullie, Andrew Kellitt, Fred Gallagher, Simon Larkin, Quirin Muller

Front row – Alain Penasse, Sven Smeets, Daniel Grataloup, John Millington, Marek Nawarecki, Jean François Lienere, Carlo Cassina.

It was good to hear from Fred, and I wish him all the best as he gets more involved with the Endurance Rally Association.  For more information about the Endurance Rally Association, check out their website at:


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