2016 Long Way Home Rally Scheduled For January 23

This year the second event in the 2016 Finger Lakes Winter Rally Series will be the Long Way Home Rally.  This rally will be based in Wadsworth, New York.  For those of you who might not be familiar with where Wadsworth, New York is, I have shown Wadsworth within the red oval east of Conesus Lake on the map below.

Long Way Home Area Map

Long Way Home Rally Location Near Wadsworth, New York

Wadsworth is located within about 5 miles of Piffard, New York from where this rally started and finished for many years.

This rally has a somewhat later start this year, on January 23, 2016, so I anticipate that the roads should be snow-covered.  This year the rally will consist of approximately 160 competitive miles using mostly unpaved roads in the New York Southern Tier.

FLR Long Way Home Winter_Rally_2016_

Roads Should Be Quite Wintry Near The End Of January

Dave Siesicki and I are planning on taking part in this rally.  Dave & I have been in this rally before and we both remember a long overnight drive home in a raging snow storm after being in this rally.  We will not be doing that again, as we will be staying in place overnight and come back home on Sunday.

For this rally the entry fees are $35/car for SCCA members, $45/car for guests. There is a 35 car limit, so pre-registration is recommended.   For the Finger Lakes Winter Rally Series the competitive classes are Equipped, Limited, Stock, and Novice.  Competitors are also able to choose among three speed groups as well.

Snow tires are recommended (all season tires may limit your speed group eligibility), tow rope/strap, and 90 minutes of flares or one DOT triangle are required to compete.

  • Start/Finish location: Wadsworth Grill, 3901 Main Street, Wadsworth, NY (on Route 36 south of Route 63)
  • Schedule: Registration 3:00 to 4:00 PM
  • Novice school 3:20 PM
  • Driver’s Meeting 4:00 PM
  • First car starts 4:16 PM
  • First car finishes about 10:30 PM

Contact the rallymaster to pre-register and for answers to questions: Alan Smith, asmith2357@aol.com , (585) 314-6054


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