My Old Motorcycle Wins An Award!

Several years ago I built a 1978 Honda CB550K from the remnants of three donor motorcycles that were all in questionable condition.  The bike then sat in my garage for a few years until it fell into the hands of my son-in-law, Mike Johnson.  Mike fixed it up a little more and the bike is shown below when Mike had it.

Old Bike Left side #1

My Old 1978 Honda CB550K A Few Years Ago

Mike then sold the bike to Jim Encalada who subsequently rebuilt the bike into a café racer style.  The results of Jim’s build are shown below.  The rebuilt bike looks very good.

Old Bike Left side #2

The Same 1978 Honda CB550K Motorcycle Re-Built Into A Café Racer

Mike received a message earlier this week from Jim Encalada letting Mike know that his old bike was Voted Best Café Racer Build at a Moto-Show this past Saturday evening. Apparently there was dozens of bikes there – some custom builds, some cafes, and some mopeds.  Jim could not believe it when they called the bike out as best Café.  Jim stated the obvious when he said that the bike has come a long way.  Jim ended the message saying that he will do the best that he can to make sure the bike always has a great home.  Maybe I should try to buy it back!

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