Timewise Rally Equipment Availability

Recently, or at least in the last few months there has been talk and speculation about the future availability of Timewise rally products.  I hope that this post will help to clarify what I think is the present and future of these highly regarded rally products.

The underlying fact is that the rally equipment market in North America is not large.  Those of us who are rally enthusiasts would wish otherwise, but those who must make business decisions must deal with reality.

As a result, the production of the Timewise 798A rally computer is on hold at this time.  Because of the relatively small market, it is difficult to take advantage of purchasing large quantities of the necessary components to build these rally computers so as to get favorable pricing of these components.  As a consequence, if small numbers of Timewise 798A rally computers were made at this time then the resulting selling price would be unacceptably high.  The future manufacture of Timewise 798A rally computers might well have a different look to them, but would have the same features as the existing Timewise 798A rally computers.


My Timewise 798A Rally Computer

The same is not currently true with the Timewise 825 speedometer which is essentially the standard equipment needed to be competitive in the famed Great Race or similar rallies.  These speedometers will continue to be made to meet demand.  So Great Race competitors or people contemplating competing in the Great Race should not worry about the lack of availability of these speedometers.

Timewise 825 (1)

My Timewise 825 Speedometer

The picture with respect to Timewise Checkpoint Clocks looks bright. Plans are underway to fabricate a relatively large batch which should supply everyone for years to come. This new generation of Timewise Checkpoint Clocks will be known as the Timewise 660.

Timewise 650 Clock

The Timewise 650 Checkpoint Clock Will Be Updated By The Upcoming Timewise 660 Checkpoint Clock

Another service provided by Timewise is the repair of the legendary Curta calculator.  This repair business continues to be available.

To contact Timewise’s Jack Christensen about any of these products use the following contact information:

Jack Christensen
32 Old Barn Road
Hawthorn Woods, ILLINOIS 60047

847-550-5052 (evenings)

Hopefully this will provide some insight into the availability of the highly regarded Timewise rally products.

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2 Responses to Timewise Rally Equipment Availability

  1. Rich Bireta says:

    Steve, Thanks for another great blog entry. It raises a few questions in my mind and perhaps you could write a follow up article to address these. 1) The 660 checkpoint clock has been in the planning stages for (literally) years, I think. Is there a date for product availability? 2) The Tiimewise web site mentions a model 747 rally computer targeted for those competing in the open road races in Nevada, Texas and Nebraska. I could find no info on this device – might make for an interesting article. ~Rich Bireta

  2. Jay Nemeth-Johannes says:

    I am going to be a bit more frank than I probably should here.
    I purchased my 798 three years ago, replacing a 797. I went down and visited Jack at his house. At that time, he told me that after my order, he had parts left to make 8 798s. The component he could no longer source was the case. It is now three years later and he just sold the last one this month. That works out to 3 units a year. The redesign would require a new case, new faceplate, new circuit board design, and freshening of other components. I guess I have trouble seeing it happening for the quantities involved.

    The 650 clock has been out of production for nearly 10 years now. I have been on the waiting list for the 660 since 2008. Jack always promises, it is coming ‘soon’, but I have no faith we will ever see it.

    One issue is that Jack got into the Curta calculator repair business. When I visited him, he had over 50 units stacked up waiting repair. He told me he had a 2 year backlog on repair orders and turned down more requests than he accepted.

    In summary, I would not rely on new product introductions from Timewise. Their products are simply the best, but I think we are going to need to migrate to Alfa (www.rally.cc) or wait for the emerging tablet app market to mature.

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