Guinness Book Of Rallying Now In My Library

In the last couple of weeks I have added yet another rallying book to my collection.  This new addition is “The Guinness Book Of Rallying” which was written in 1991 by John Davenport.  I had been looking to buy this book for some time, so when a bookshop in England offered it on sale for an attractive price, then I jumped at it.

Guinness Rallying Book Cover

Cover Of John Davenport’s Book On Rallying

The author, John Davenport, began rallying in the late 1950s and has been involved in all aspects of rallying since that time.  He used this vast experience and knowledge to put together this book which has a great deal of information about rally cars, rallies and rally participants.

About the same time as I got this book I got an email from Nigel Cousins of Hambly Industries, makers of the GaugePilot rally computer, in which he had attached a copy of a photo that he took of famed rally driver Rauno Aaltonen at this year’s Goodwood Festival of Speed.   As a result of these two things happening at the same time, I took particular notice of a couple of images from “The Guinness Book Of Rallying” showing Rauno Aaltonen.  I have included a couple of images of Rauno from John Davenport’s book in this post.

Rauno Aaltonen 1965

Rauno Aaltonen Was The 1965 European Rally Champion In A Mini Cooper S

Prior to the establishment of the World Rally Championship in the early 1970s, the European Rally Championship was the premier championship for rally drivers.  In 1965, at the wheel of the Mini Cooper S, Rauno Aaltonen won the Geneva Rally, Czechoslovakia Rally, the Polish Rally, 3 Cities, and RAC rallies on the way to becoming the European Rally Champion.

Rauno A 1986

Rauno Aaltonen In An Opel At The 1987 Safari Rally

Aaltonen was known for his very technical approach to rallying.  This reputation led to him being called “The Rally Professor”.  Rauno Aaltonen is still active in rallying today, taking part in classic and historic rallies in Europe.

The image below is the photo that Nigel Cousins sent to me of “The Rally Professor” taken at this year’s Goodwood Festival Of Speed.

Rauno and GaugePilot

Rauno Aaltonen Checking Out A GaugePilot At Goodwood In 2015

While I have focused on references to Rauno Aaltonen in the book, I would recommend “The Guinness Book Of Rallying” book for a great overview of rallying, especially between 1960 and 1990.

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