Any Interest In A Mille Miglia/1000 Millas Sport Training Day?

Each year a number of Canadians and Americans enter the famous Mille Miglia rally and to a lesser extent its Argentine counterpart, the 1000 Millas Sport.  In general, unfortunately the bulk of the North American teams in these events finish closer to the bottom of the finishing order than the top.  These events require a great deal of time, travel, and effort, so it is a shame not to try to do well.  Also, confusion and lack of confidence inside the car can cause tension between the driver and the navigator, which can ruin the event for the crew and possibly ruin friendships.

I have not and unfortunately it is unlikely that I’ll get the chance to compete in these events, but I have studied these events extensively, in case someone should be looking for a navigator for these events.  I have previously made some extensive posts on this website with some guidance, advice, and tips for rookies who are taking part in these events for the first time.  While those notes focused on the Mille Miglia, the 1000 Millas Sport in Argentina uses essentially the same rules and scoring system.

Start Line (3)

A Starting Line At The Mille Miglia

If there is any interest, then I would be prepared to put together a training day in preparation for these events where for the first part of the day we could go over the rules and timing systems plus any other questions that someone might have.  The other part of the training day would be taken up by some “hands on” time on the road following route instructions, using a rally odometer, timing clocks/stopwatches, and by some practice timing sessions so that techniques for crossing the timing lines at the perfect time at these events will already be well-known by the competitors before they arrive at these rallies.

Timing Line (4)

A Timing Line At Mille Miglia

I live in Franklin, Massachusetts and this training day would take place in and around Franklin.  My personal email address is so please contact me if you or someone you know might be interested in taking part in this Mille Miglia/1000 Millas Sport navigation/timing training day at a day to be established to suit everyone’s schedule.  Let’s see if we can get an American team in the top 10 percent of these events.

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2 Responses to Any Interest In A Mille Miglia/1000 Millas Sport Training Day?

  1. Cargirl says:

    Steve this is a great idea. You should post it on some of websites like Alfa, Ferrari, Porsche, etc. to give the idea more exposure. And I would not even make it specific to just the MM. but for rally driving overall.

    • That is a good idea, but frankly I don’t really know the right sites to try to post something like this and as I am not a member I might be restricted from doing so anyway. Your idea to broaden the scope is a good one and would be a topic for a another day. Mille Miglia and 1000 Millas Sport are sufficiently different from typical US rallies that they are best dealt with in a complete day. Thanks for these ideas!
      Steve McKelvie

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