My New Smiths Rally Clock Completes The Pair

I am pleased that I was recently able to add a Smiths Rally Clock to my rally navigator’s tool box.  This clock is a mechanical watch that was widely used in its country of origin, England. It has a good size and is easy to read.  The crown stem is used wind the clock spring and by pushing down on the crown stem it can be used to adjust the minute and hour hands.  The other stem to the left side of crown stem can be used to start and stop the second-hand.  As a result, these clocks are easy to set to the time used by the rallymaster for the rally.

My new Smiths Rally Clock is shown below.  I believe that these rally clocks were made in the 1960s and 70s.  Smiths quit making watches for general sales in 1979, so that would establish its newest date.

Smiths Rally Clock (1)

Smiths Rally Clock

At this time I am doing some time checks using my atomic clock as a benchmark to adjust the Smiths Rally Clock to getting it running as close as possible to the perfect time.  It is also important to do these tests with the same spring tension for the various tests.

This Smiths Rally Clock is a companion to the Smiths stopwatch which I already had.  The Smiths pair are shown below.  There is a Smiths stopwatch known as the Smith Rally Timer which appears to be the same as my Smiths stopwatch shown below, except that it has a black face.  This would be a perfect match for the Smiths Rally Clock, however I am satisfied with the Smiths stopwatch which I have.

Smiths Rally pair (1)

Smiths Rally Clock And A Smiths Stopwatch

I bought this Smiths Rally Clock through eBay from a seller, “autonavia”, in England.  I was very surprised to get a personal message from the seller when we were completing the deal.  It turns out that the seller was David Scothorn, who is an active collector/trader of rally related clocks.  In fact, David told me that he had previously bought a Heuer clock after he saw it for sale on my website.  What a coincidence!

Scothorn Business Card

David Scothorn’s Business Card

David is an expert on rally clocks and stopwatches and he would be great resource for anyone looking for these clocks/stopwatches or has questions about them.

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