Great Article About Raymond Mays, ERA Cars, And “The White Riley”

Earlier this week, a reader of this website from New Zealand, Tom King, made a comment on a post called “The “White Riley”, The ERA, And The Healey Cars” that I made on May 20, 2013.  He had wanted to attach a copy of his club’s newsletter to the comment, but apparently this site’s software prevented this.  To resolve this problem, Tom sent a copy of the newsletter to me via email.  I told Tom that I would post it on this website.

Tom’s club, the New Zealand Rolls-Royce & Bentley Club Inc., publishes a very comprehensive newsletter.  The high quality of the newsletter is another example of New Zealand “punching above its weight class” in automotive related matters.  The April 15, 2015 newsletter included a very detailed article about famed British race car driver Raymond Mays, which includes much information about the ERA race cars.

NZ RR & B C Cover

Cover Of The New Zealand Rolls-Royce & Bentley Club Newsletter

The page below is the first page of Tom King’s article.  I have attached the complete newsletter at the bottom of this post.

Tom King Raymond Mays Article

First Page Of The Raymond Mays Article

For the complete newsletter click on the file below.  The Raymond Mays article is on Page 15.

RR&B 2015-4

I want to congratulate Tom King on this article.  It is obvious from the amount of information included in the article that it represents a great deal of knowledge and research.  Tom, thanks for sharing it!

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