2015 Lime Rock Historic Festival

This weekend I had the opportunity to attend the 2015 Lime Rock Historic Festival.  I was the guest of Robert Melhado, who is the Chief Steward of the weekend.  While there I also had the opportunity to spend some time with my friend Evan Gamblin of the Ottawa area who was down from Canada to take in the weekend.

For me, the day was also a day of weather contrasts.  I got off to an early start on my motorcycle in the darkness of morning when I found it to be very cold riding an exposed motorcycle like the Triumph Bonneville.  When I arrived at Lime Rock it was quite warm and I found myself a little overdressed.  The ride home was just fine – still a little warm, but the wind caused by the motorcycle ride was very enjoyable.

The cars on display at the Lime Rock Historic Festival were varied, interesting, and a true pleasure to see.  It is well worth the effort to attend this event.  I have included some somewhat random photos of cars that I saw at Lime Rock.

The Alfa Romeo 2600 SZ shown below, was a lovely car that I had never seen before.

Alfa Romeo 2600 SZ (1)

Alfa Romeo 2600 SZ

The 1937 Chrysler Imperial shown below is known as “Chrysler’s Chrysler”.  This is a special one of one car that Walter Chrysler had built for his wife.  This car has an untold number of features that make it spectacular.  This car is owned and presented by Howard Kroplick of New York who does a great job, probably the best at the show, in presenting this car to the visitors.

Chrysler's Chrysler (1)

Chrysler’s Chrysler

The Lotus Cortina, shown below, was one of the early sport sedans.  Among the other early sport sedans were the Mini Cooper and the BMW 2002.  Lotus Cortinas are less commonly seen in the USA compared to the Mini Coopers and BMWs.

Lotus Cortina 1966 (1)

1966 Lotus Cortina

The Lotus Elite was very noticeable in the light blue color.

Lotus Elite 1960 (1)

1960 Lotus Elite

The Simca 1000 Bertone Coupe shown below was a very stylish car.  I remember some Simca sedans in Canada, but nothing like this.  Why Simca did not push this car in North America is a mystery and the answer is probably indicative of why the Simca marque has since disappeared.

Simca 1000 Bertone Coupe 1966 (1)

1966 Simca 1000 Bertone Coupe

Another unusual car at Lime Rock, in many aspects, was the Tatra Diplomat shown below.  The Czech car with an air-cooled, rear engine V8 engine was a favorite of many of those who attended the show.

Tatra Diplomat 1941 (1)

1941 Tatra Diplomat

For the second time in recent years, Sir Stirling Moss attended the Lime Rock Historic Festival.  There was a long line up of people waiting to get his autograph.  What a driver!  What a gentleman!

Sir Stirling Moss (1)

Sir Stirling Moss

The Mercedes-Benz Museum also sent over a couple of cars, including perhaps the most famous Mercedes-Benz of all – the Mercedes-Benz 300 SLR that Moss/Jenkinson took to victory in record time at the 1955 Mille Miglia.

Mercedes-Benz 300 SLR (1)

Mercedes-Benz 300 SLR

I was quite surprised to see a Porsche tractor at Lime Rock.  These air-cooled tractors are quite unusual in the USA.

Porsche Diesel Super (1)

1960 Porsche Diesel Super Tractor

There were many other cars on display and I will show some more of them in the upcoming weeks and months.  I enjoyed myself very much and highly recommend attending the Lime Rock Historic Festival next Labor Day weekend.

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