The Renown Press-On-Regardless Rally Is Coming Soon!

One of the oldest rallies and best rallies in North America is coming up quickly.  The Press-On -Regardless Rally has been held annually for 66 years!  Once again on September 12 & 13, 2015 the Detroit Region of the SCCA will be hosting this event.  For years I have wanted to do this event, but so far the opportunity has not presented itself.

The complete rally starts at 11:00 AM on Saturday September 12 and will end at 3:00 AM on Sunday September 13, so be sure to have your lights in full working order.

I am including a note about this year’s event prepared by Tom Woodside about this event:

Rallymaster Bruce Fisher and I just completed the Safety Pre-check of the POR route last night and I can assure you its awesome!  Great historic roads that Bruce assembled in part from ancient routebooks, with a bit of everything for everybody.  Starting and ending further south in West Branch, it features some gorgeous sweeping forest roads and even a bit of non-car-breaking two-track.  Included are some iconic stages like Mosquito Alley, East Fireline, Sterling Truck trail (the smoothest parts!), and a section of old Northern Lights stages thrown in as well.  The speeds are more historic (slower) as well though the road conditions are SO MUCH better than when I ripped the sump out of my ’68 Cortina doing control layout in 1970.  I guarantee you’d like this event.

Whether you run or work, come out to support this historic event.  Lots of worker spaces are open and these are nearly all accessible in an everyday street car (and we’ll reserve the harder worker spots for those with more equipped vehicles).

There aren’t many events in the U.S. that can boast a 66 year uninterrupted history.  Come out and be a part of that legacy as we once again Press On Regardless!

Tom Woodside  (248 703 7656 if easier)

The hotel mentioned in the flyer is holding the special rate until September 12.

For more information and the entry form for the Press-On-Regardless click on the following Word file:


This should be another great rally.

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One Response to The Renown Press-On-Regardless Rally Is Coming Soon!

  1. Sherry not cathy says:

    I’d love to b involved but not sure the speedpilot I have to sell is what u want or need. Happy trails. More info let me know. Shersroom@gmail.c txs

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