Some Other Triumph TR4 Rally Car Photos

Ed Homsey continues to share his treasure trove of Triumph TR4 rally photos.  Following the conclusion of the 1964 Shell 4000 Rally, Standard-Triumph sold the rally cars in the USA rather than take them back to England.  One car, widely known as 5VC ,was purchased by Dick Switzer a Triumph/Volvo dealer in Rochester, New York, who loved rallying and autocrossing with it.  This was the car that Thuner/Fidler drove in the 1964 Shell 4000 Rally.


Dick Switzer Taking Part In A SCCA Rally In 1964

I know a fellow who used to repair Dick Switzer’s cars after Dick returned from participating in a rally.  Apparently Dick was quite hard on cars.  In the photo above the 1964 Shell 4000 rally sticker/plate is still on the hood.  The license plate on the front of the car seems to indicate that it is the Appalachian Rally in 1964.

Dick Zwitzer rus 5VC in 1965 Canadian Winter Rallye121

Dick Switzer’s Triumph TR4 In The 1965 Canadian Winter Rally

One other Shell 4000 Triumph TR4 also was in the Rochester, New York area for a while.  The shot below shows the Triumph TR4 known as 3VC, which was the car driven by the Canadian team in the 1964 Shell 4000 rally.  Note that by this time the car had been repainted a darker color.

Bill Bailey's Dark Blue 3VC in 1964 autocross

Driving Triumph TR4 3VC In A Local Autocross

In 1964 Best Motors of Rochester and Standard-Triumph sponsored a three-car rally team to compete in the Sports Car Club of America (SCCA) rally series. The Triumph team competed in eight National events that year, with total entries ranging from 47 at the Rebel Yell, run out of Alexander, Virginia, to 95 in the Ohio Andiamo rally. They were two-day affairs and very competitive with strong teams from Chrysler and Ford. Ed Homsey and his wife finished 4th place driver and navigator in the manufacturer’s class that year.

1964TeamTR at Best Motors

The 1964 Triumph TR SCCA Rally Team At Best Motors

The above photo shows the 1964 Triumph TR SCCA Rally Team at one the team sponsors place of business, Best Motors in Rochester, New York.  The members of the team from left to right were  Ed & Shirley Homsey; Bob Henderson (still, at 82, very active in motor sports), the late Bill Bell (former attorney, newspaper and radio car news reporter); Gene and the late Katu Hondorf. Katu was in public school education, and regrettably died at a relatively young age.

1964TeamTR at Virginia Reel

The Triumph TR Rally Team After The 1964 Virginia Reel Rally

The picture above shows the Triumph TR Rally Team after the 1964 SCCA Virginia Reel Rally.  The middle crew shown , Gene and Katu Hondorf, finished in third place.  Their trophies are shown on the ground in front of the light-colored TR4.  Exactly what the trophies are  supposed to be is a mystery to me.

Thanks to Ed Homsey once again for sharing these photos.

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1 Response to Some Other Triumph TR4 Rally Car Photos

  1. Paul Chechak says:

    I was the owner of the “other Team TR “. It was called “Humpy” as it was put back together again so many times. It was purple and I owned it from 1967 to 1972. I worked at Best Moters with Dick Switzer for about 3 years while I was going to college as a police cadet for RPD. Once sworn in as a full time officer, I sold the car as it had become a money pit of no return. The article above didn’t mention the team TR’s were all aluminum bodies with Weber sidedraft carbs, Detroit “locker differential”, hard top, 7speed electronic overdrive transmissions, and never ending expence. I won a lot of races and road rallies with the car, with Larry Wieshaur and Hunter Carrier navigating.

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