More Photos From The Triumph Works Team At The 1964 Shell 4000 Rally

As  a followup to my recent post about the Triumph TR4 works rally cars in the 1964 Shell 4000 rally, Ed Homsey, who was the navigator in Car #131 (more widely known in the Triumph world as 6VC), sent me some more pictures from that event.  I have included most of Ed’s pictures that he sent to me in this post.

Team Manager, Graham Robson, Ed Homsey, Gordan Jennings953

Team Manager Graham Robson, With Ed Homsey, and Gordon Jennings

The picture below shows the crew after completing pre-event scrutinizing.  This was the first time that they had the car to themselves.

Ed and Gordon leaving scrutineering in Vancouver956

Ed Homsey And Gordon Jennings After Scrutineering

The picture below shows the car leaving the starting ramp in Vancouver British Columbia.  As a rally navigator I always notice what the navigator is doing in photos like this.  Note that Ed is looking at the clock to make sure that they are leaving at the correct time.  Despite the angle, the second-hand can be seen to be at the bottom of the minute.  Note that the start time appears to be about 11:00 PM.

6VC leaves start of Shell 4000 Gordon Jennings driving Ed Homsey navigating122

They’re Off! Starting the Rally In Vancouver

The photo below shows the car entering Cranbrook, British Columbia.  This would have been the next day after the late evening start in Vancouver.  Looking closely at this photo, navigator Ed Homsey is driving while the main driver, Gordon Jennings, tries to get some sleep in the passenger seat.

6VC arriving Cranbrook, BC, Homsey driving, Jennings sleeping123

Entering Cranbrook, British Columbia

The picture below shows the crew gassing up at a Shell gas station in Cranbrook, British Columbia.  If you look just in front of Ed’s knee you can see the front portion of another car fueling as well.  The other car is using a separate external wheel drive on a front wheel to drive a rally odometer.  As a rally navigator here’s a hint: the external odometer driver should be placed on an undriven wheel on the same side of the car of the car as did the rallymaster when he measured the course.  Usually and for more accurate results, the external odometer driver should be on the side of the car that measures the distance along the centerline of the road.  The car in the photo below will measure along the right side edge of the road.  If you need to be on time, all the time, then this will throw off the odometer on a road with lots of curves.

6VC refueling in Cranbrook, BC, Homsey on left, Jennings in middle at rear of car124

Gassing Up In Cranbrook, British Columbia

The series of photos below were taken in Toronto, Ontario after a very rough drive in northern Ontario.  Ed said that some of the roads in northern Ontario were very heavily rutted.  Ed was concerned that the exhaust system got damaged and even might have leaked into the cockpit.

6VC arrives in Toronto 127

Arriving For Service In Toronto, Ontario

The dirt on the hood is clearly indicative of a rough drive.

6VC arrives in Toronto end of Day 5125

In Toronto

6VC in Toronto, Homsey lifting rear to check exhaust126

Ed Homsey Jacking Up The Car To Check For Exhaust Damage

The picture below shows the crew coming off the starting ramp on the way to Montreal.  Like a good navigator, Ed Homsey is checking out the rally route instructions.  I wonder why the car’s Shell 4000 entry number on the passenger’s side door is not visible?

8-02 pm and off to Montreal958

Off To Montreal For The Finish Of The 1964 Shell 4000 Rally

As I have noted to Ed Homsey directly, I am very thankful to Ed for sharing these photos from the 1964 Shell 4000 rally.

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2 Responses to More Photos From The Triumph Works Team At The 1964 Shell 4000 Rally

  1. Scott Morris says:

    Good Day Steve; I do like your blog and this bit of Shell 4000 history is quite interesting. All the photos and the letter by Ed Homsey in the pdf file are great. One thing that does need to be raised however is Ed’s last name; I really think it is Homsey, not Tomsey. See the name on the TR4 in the last picture. –Scott Morris

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