Maps For The Historique Monte Carlo Rally

I have been gathering the necessary maps that I will use to plot the route of the 2016 Historique Monte Carlo Rally.  At this time, I don’t have a ride in this event but I wanted to go through the preparation needed for this event.  The rally organizers provide limited route information to competitors in order to encourage and enhance the importance of navigation.  As a rally navigator that was a challenge that I could not resist.

Useful maps for plotting the route of the Historique Monte Carlo Rally are the 1:150,000 scale maps (1 inch = 2.37 miles) sold by Michelin.  Below is an image of France that shows the available local  Michelin maps.  The particular map that the images in this post came from are from Michelin Map 341 that shows the area around Monte Carlo.

Michelin Maps Index France

Michelin Map Availability For France

The detail on these maps is very good.  The map image below shows an area just east of St. Andre Les Alpes which will be a point of concentration.

East Of St. Andre les Alpes

Sample From A 1:150,000 Michelin Map

At this time, I am not planning on plotting the entire rally route of the Historique Monte Carlo Rally from all of the starting cities, but I will be focusing on the portions of the rally in France.  This should be an interesting exercise and a good way for a person living in the USA to get familiar with the rally route.  In addition to preparing the rally route on a map, there are professional road book providers who prepare and sell detailed rally instructions in road book format.  These road books are very useful.

For more information on this rally check out the event website at

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3 Responses to Maps For The Historique Monte Carlo Rally

  1. Where do you get the instructions to plot?

    • Hi Clarence,
      Usually they publish the route on the website when the last entry date is passed and they have decided which of the over 300 entrants they have accepted for the start. The rally description gives a general idea of the route and the competitive stages.
      Steve McKelvie

  2. blanc jean pierre says:

    je désire acheter le plan du rally historique 2018

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