The Old’s Cool Tour Is Planned For This September

I got an email last week from Tim Cataldo.  Tim told me about a rally that he was planning for this September 10 – 13, 2015 – The Old’s Cool Tour.  The Old’s Cool Tour is to be a modified Time-Speed-Distance rally around the Ivy League schools.  Tim always wanted to do the Mille Miglia, but it’s not possible, so he decided to create our own.  As Tim said – fools rush in …

Outline Of The Old’s Cool Tour Route

He thought about the 8 Ivy League Universities and came to find out they are exactly 1000 miles apart. A light bulb went off for an interesting rally and the Old’s Cool Tour was born.  You don’t have to be a grad to enter; in fact other schools are welcome to compete. Only rule is your car must be as old as your graduation year, with a 25 year minimum.

For more information about this rally check out the event website at the address below:

I wish Tim all the best with this event and might spend a day traveling with the rally, representing the University of Waterloo.

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