New Classic Car Rally Odometer/Computer Coming Into Use

For the past year or more I have been providing some ideas and comments to the folks at Hambly Industries Limited in the UK as they have developed a very versatile and capable rally computer styled like the original Halda Speedpilot; however with much greater capabilities.  This new rally computer is known as the GaugePilot.  During the past few months some competitors have been able to put the GaugePilot into action in some major rallies.  This has provided some great feedback as the GaugePilot is being refined and improved.

GaugePilot Image

GaugePilot In The 2015 Mille Miglia

In a recent newsletter, the GaugePilot folks have outlined the development and customization that can and has been done with the Gaugepilot for specific events.  I have attached a copy of this newsletter which can be seen by clicking on the pdf file below:

GaugePilot Newsletter #5

The GaugePilot is quite attractive and looks right at home in classic rally cars, as shown below.

GaugePilot Image #2

GaugePilot Is Styled Like The Halda Speedpilot

I was both surprised and pleased to be mentioned in this last GaugePilot Newsletter.  I know that the GaugePilot folks are working hard to make the GaugePilot the premier classic car rally computer.


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