Jensen Book Added To My Library

This past weekend while at the Bay State Antique Auto Club show in Dedham, Massachusetts I purchased a book about the Jensen car company in England.  This book, “The Jensen Healey Stories” was written by two motorsports experts Peter Browning and John Blunsden.  Peter Browning was the last competitions manager at British Motor Corporation and John Blunsden is a respected motorsports journalist and publisher.

Jensen Stories Book Cover

My Recent Addition To My Library

I am most familiar with the Jensen and Jensen-Healey cars in the late 1960s and 1970s, but this book discusses all of the Jensen activities since the 1930s.  Not only with Jensen cars, but includes Jensen’s involvement in building Austin-Healey cars, the Volvo P1800, and the Sunbeam Tiger.  The following page is typical of the “stories” in the book.

Jensen Stories Page

A Discussion On The Jensen C-V8

This Jensen book joins another book that I have on Jensen cars which I have shown below.  This book, “Jensen Cars 1967-1979”,  is a compilation of articles from Motor, Road & Track, Car, Autocar, Road Test, Sports Car World, Motor Sport, Motor Trend, and Competition Car magazines.

Jensen Cars Book Cover

The page below from “Jensen Cars 1967-1979” is typical of the information presented in this book.

Jensen FF Road Test

A Road Test Of The Four-Wheel Drive Jensen Interceptor

Jensen cars are not common here in the USA and as a result there is a dearth of information available here, therefore I was pleased to be able to expand my library with further information about the Jensen automotive enterprise.

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