2015 Bay State Antique Auto Club Show In Dedham, Massachusetts

This past Sunday I attended one of the better car shows in the Boston area – the Bay State Antique Auto Club show at the Endicott Estate in Dedham, Massachusetts.  I always mark this show on my calendar and have attended most of the shows in the last 8 years.


There is always a wide variety of cars and never once when I have attended the show have I got around to seeing all of the cars.  Typically the weather is very hot and after a while, the heat just wears me down.  For this post I have picked out some of the photos that I took of the many cars on display.

The 1936 Ford “Woodie” wagon is typical of the quality of cars that are on display at this show.


1936 Ford “Woodie”

The car shown below is a replica of a Mercedes-Benz 540K from the 1930s.  While it is a replica, it has many Mercedes-Benz parts and it is a very well built car.  This owner of this car is interested in selling it.


While Not A Genuine Mercedes-Benz 540K, It Still Looks Impressive

When I see a Sunbeam Tiger as shown below, I am frequently reminded of what Chrysler could have done with this car, rather than ending it like they did.


Sunbeam Tiger Mk. I

The two door coupes from the 1930s have a very attractive design.  The 1937 DeSoto coupe shown below was a business-man coupe with factory-installed shelves behind the front seat and a huge trunk where the traveling salesmen carried their wares.  The owner showed how he was able to smuggle his friends into the drive-in theater in his younger days by hiding them in the large trunk.


1937 DeSoto Coupe

There was also a substantial collection of those large American chrome boats from the 1950s.  These cars have exceptional comfort and are perfect for slow cruising on a warm Sunday afternoon.  This 1957 Chrysler New Yorker convertible with its push button automatic transmission is emblematic of that era.


1957 Chrysler New Yorker Convertible

One of the early and successful attempts by a Japanese auto manufacturer to build a sports car was the Datsun 1600 and the Datsun 2000 with a larger engine.  The Datsun 2000 shown below looked great.


Datsun 2000

English sports cars were also represented and perhaps the best was this Austin-Healey 100.  The car was well presented and the folding windshield indicates that these cars were built with speed in mind.


Austin-Healey 100

There were a few trucks on display as well.  I liked this 1940 Ford Delivery van as it reminded me of some of the neat service vehicles that I saw in Germany at the Jim Clark Memorial at Hockenheim earlier this spring.


1940 Ford Delivery Van

The Chevrolet Corvair is an under-appreciated car.  This might be a mistake.  There was a Corvair Corsa at the show with the 180 horsepower turbocharged engine option.  There were some additional markings that suggests that this car was a Yenko Stinger.  This seemed like a great car to take out for a vigorous drive.


Chevrolet Corvair Corsa 180 Horsepower Turbocharged Engine

I will focus on other cars that I saw in upcoming posts.  The Bay State Antique Auto Club car show was a good show and I met nice car people and learned a lot just by talking to people about their cars.

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3 Responses to 2015 Bay State Antique Auto Club Show In Dedham, Massachusetts

  1. Cassegrain says:

    Hello, i’m french, and i’d like to know which price the owner of the Mercedes 540K replica would accept to sale it.
    I thank you so much,
    Charles Cassegrain

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