A 1959 Triumph TR3

Earlier this week I got an email from Jose Bartute from Florida who has a couple of Triumph cars that he is restoring.  I will have more on these cars in the upcoming days.  Jose also sent me some pictures of a 1959 Triumph TR3 that he restored in the past.  Jose does almost all of his own work.  As you can see from the pictures shown below, Jose does great work.

Triumph TR3 1959 IMG_1961

A Rally-Styled Triumph TR3

Jose fitted this Triumph TR3 with a roof light which was a common feature of many rally cars of that era.  Jose no longer has this car, as he sold it a couple of years ago.  This is one reason why Jose is currently working on another Triumph.

Triumph TR3 1959 IMG_1981

An Interesting Color Combination

In the last few days I had reason to take a look through some early issues of Canada Track & Traffic magazine looking for an article.  While doing that I noticed the advertisement shown below for a Triumph TR3 in the September 1959 issue.

Triumph TR3 Ad 1959

A Triumph TR3 Advertisement From 1959

The Triumph TR3 is a wonderful sports car and the car that Jose Bartute restored is a great example of a TR3.

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