Surprising Find On A Sunday Afternoon Ride

Today I was enjoying the long weekend that was part of the July 4th celebration.  In the morning I watched the British Grand Prix race.  The weather was great so in the early part of the afternoon I went out for a ride on my motorcycle assessing some potential rally roads for an upcoming rally in October.  I was riding through North Attleborough, Massachusetts along Route 120 when I passed a water reservoir – except there was little water in the water reservoir.


There Was More Ground Than Water In The Water Reservoir

As I work as an engineering consultant in the water business, nearly empty reservoirs get my attention.  I was shocked how little water there was and there were several boys who were fishing in what little water was left.  I felt sorry for any fish that might be left as their world had shrunk considerably.


Very Little Water Was Left In The Reservoir

I was surprised at the water level as we have had a reasonable amount of rainfall.  I was concerned that maybe other local reservoirs might be in trouble as well.  I went to the nearby Diamond Hill and Arnold’s Mills Reservoirs, but they appeared to have expected water levels.


The Arnold Mills Reservoir Looked Normal

As everything else seemed normal, I continued on my ride although I wondered what was causing the low water level in the North Attleborough reservoir.  And I did find a couple of interesting roads that I am going to add to the rally route.

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