SCCA Track Night At Thompson Speedway Motorsport Park

On Tuesday June 30, 2015 I attended the Sports Car Club of America (SCCA) Track Night at the Thompson Speedway Motorsports Park in Thompson, Connecticut.  This was an event were people could bring their street cars out for some brisk driving around the road course at Thompson.


There Was Lots Of Activity As The Cars Got Ready For Track Night

The Sports Car Club of America has scheduled multiple track nights this summer to provide opportunity for non-racers to get a sense of what it is like to drive their car on a race course.


People who take part the Track Night must be 18-years old, have a valid driver’s license, wear a helmet, and the car must be in a good working condition.


There Was A Wide Variety Of Cars Show Up

I was at the Track Night at Thompson,along with Chris Regan, representing the Rally Board of the New England Region of the SCCA.  We were reminding the racers and car enthusiasts that in addition to track activities, the SCCA offers rally cross and road rally events as well.


This Triumph Spitfire Stood Out Among Many High Horsepower Cars

 The drivers that signed up for the Track Night were subdivided into Novice, Intermediate, and Advanced groupings.  The cars took a few familiarization laps before they were turned loose on the track.  The cars shown below are coming back to the pit area after some familiarization laps.


Cars Returning To The Pit Area

As I was watching the cars circulate the Thompson track, which were almost all standard off-the-shelf street cars, it made me realize just how fast and how good the current cars sold by the car manufacturers are.  The Corvettes and the Mustangs have very high horsepower engines, great brakes, tires with good grip, and handling packages that must approach those of many, if not most, race cars.  The performance is amazing of the cars that can be obtained from the car dealers/manufacturers by those who select the right options and who can afford to write the check.


Corvettes And Mustangs Were Common And Fast

There were a number of very impressive cars on the track.  While there were many well driven fast cars, I must say that there is something about hearing the sound, nay roar, of a big V8 engine being vigorously exercised.


The Owner Of This Camaro Enjoyed His Time On The Track

There were a number of imported cars that were fast and well driven as well.  The Japanese-market Nissan Skyline shown below was a great example of a fast imported street car that was participating.


A Nissan Skyline

In addition to the cars on the track, some spectators showed up with some very nice cars.


A Cobra Replica, A NSX, And A Mustang Decorated The Parking Lot

One of the more interesting spectator cars was a very nice Acura NSX.  These were and continue to be very attractive cars that are not commonly seen.


This Acura NSX Still Looks Up-To-Date

The cost of the SCCA Track Night is $150 per entrant and this allows three 20-minute sessions on track, as well as access to SCCA driving instructors. Admission is free for those wishing to hang out and enjoy a day at a race track.

The remaining 2015 schedule for Track Night at the Thompson Speedway Motorsports Park, located at 205 E. Thompson Rd. in Thompson, Connecticut is as follows:

  • July 9 (Thursday) 3pm to 9pm
  • August 6 (Thursday) 3pm to 9pm

For more information or to register, visit


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2 Responses to SCCA Track Night At Thompson Speedway Motorsport Park

  1. johnwreed3 says:

    Hi Steve

    Nice write-up.

    John Reed


  2. Nice story Steve!

    One thing you may not have known is Clarus Studios the official photographers of Thompson Speedway Motorsports Park and SCCA Track Night in America have teamed up to give all of the drivers at the Thompson Speedway track days free photos! As well there are 2 more dates July 22nd and September 2nd!!

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