2015 Great Race Final Results

The 2015 Great Race ended at the Santa Monica pier on June 28.  It was a very close event and the winners were not known until the last day.  Once again the overall winners were Howard and Doug Sharp in their 1916 Hudson Hillclimber.  These guys are very good at these rallies and while some may say that they won because they enjoyed the benefits of an old car, I say good for them, they drove a car was about 100 years old!  Think about that – they drove a 100-year-old car more than halfway across the country with times equal  and better than the newer cars!!  They had the oldest car in the rally.

GR1 Hudson 1916 (1)

Howard & Doug Sharp Drove This 1916 Hudson To The Overall Win As Well As The Grand Championship Division Win

In addition to the Overall win, the Sharps won the Grand Championship Division made up of teams that have won this event before.  The top three teams in the Grand Championship Division are listed below.

2015 Great Race Final Standings/Results of The Grand Championship Division

  1. H & D Sharp
  2. Reeder/Stone
  3. Gardner/Hastert

The Expert Division was won by Knowles/Gentry in their 1932 Ford.  The Expert Class is made up of teams that have had top finishes in these events.

GR66 (1)

Knowles/Gentry Won The Expert Class In This 1932 Ford

The top three finishers in this class are listed below.

2015 Great Race Final Standings/Results of The Expert Division

  1. Knowles/Gentry
  2. J & S Hudson
  3. S & J Hedke

The Sportsman Division is made up of those teams who do not qualify for the Grand Championship or Expert Divisions.

Car 42

Klinger/Reckow Won The Sportsman Division In This 1917 Peerless

The Sportsman Division is the largest class in the Great Race.  The top three Sportsman Division teams are listed below.

2015 Great Race Final Standings/Results of The Sportsman Division

  1. Klinger/Reckow
  2. D & B Epple
  3. J & L Goode

The Rookie Class is made up of teams that have very little experience in these rallies.  Some of these teams are obviously very fast learners.

Car 19

Stahl/Hull Were The Rookie Class Winners

2015 Great Race Final Standings/Results of The Rookie Class

  1. Stahl/Hull
  2. BR & M Whisenant
  3. Haas/Schramm

I followed the results of several other teams.  My friends Brian Blood/Steve Keller drove a 1969 Saab 96.  These guys are a good rally.  They finished 26th Overall and 10th in the Expert Division.  The problem is that near the front of the field in this rally almost all of the teams are good.

The other team that I followed was the 1939 LaSalle of Sweezey/Labier.  Sweezey is almost a neighbor of mine as his lives in Mansfield, Massachusetts, just a few miles from me in Franklin, MA.  The Sweezey/Labier team finished 29th Overall and 14th in the Sportsman Division.

The scores and standings of the top 45 cars in the 2015 Great Race are show below.

2015 Great Race Final Standings For The Top 45 Teams

2015 Great Race Final Results

The 2015 Great Race was a very successful event and from the reports that I saw everyone seemed to enjoy themselves.

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